Poll asks voters to list Biden’s top accomplishment. The No. 1 result is ‘nothing’ but good news for Trump.

The hidden gem in the newest Fox News poll should induce panic for President Joe Biden.

The results of the poll, released on Wednesday, mirrored nearly every other major political poll conducted over the past six months: Donald Trump maintains a narrow lead over Biden, voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and they believe they are worse off under Biden, the economy and immigration are the top issues — problems voters trust Trump to solve — and Biden’s approval rating is in the tank.

But the unique finding of the poll is what voters believe Biden’s top accomplishment is: nothing.

That’s right. When pollsters asked respondents to name the Biden administration’s top accomplishment, 38% of them couldn’t name a single thing or they said that Biden’s presidency has been a net-negative for the country.

Second to “nothing/made things worse” was the economy and jobs (19%) — likely from Democratic voters who believe Biden’s narrative about the economy — while “not being Trump” (6%) was Biden’s third-best accomplishment, according to the respondents.

Meanwhile, voters said Trump’s top presidential accomplishment was his handling of the economy.

“More voters fondly remember Trump’s economic successes than can recall any of Biden’s. That underscores the challenge Biden faces,” said Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who helps conduct Fox News’ polls.

The Fox News poll is yet another demonstration of why Biden’s campaign is mostly ignoring the polls, though Biden himself is anxious about them.

While the polls provide a rough sketch of how voters feel right now, the 2024 election is undoubtedly going to be close, ultimately coming down to a number of key battleground states.

Unfortunately for Biden, his predecessor still commands a respectable lead in most of those states.

According to the latest Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll, Trump leads Biden in four key battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina — while he and Biden are tied in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Biden, on the other hand, leads Trump in Wisconsin by 1%. Overall, the poll represents an improvement for Biden in the Rust Belt.

Still, it’s important to remember that Biden held a comfortable lead over Trump in the polls ahead of the 2020 election. That Trump is now leading Biden in most polls and states is a harbinger for Biden’s re-election hopes.

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