Trump’s fraud case bond payment reduced to $175 million, delaying AG James’ efforts to seize assets

Trump’s fraud case bond payment reduced to $175 million, delaying AG James’ efforts to seize assets

If former President Donald Trump successfully pays a reduced $175 million bond by April 5, then he will not have to satisfy the original $464 million judgment against him, and will also thwart having his assets seized.

This is the ruling of a New York appeals court that decided Trump has just 10 days from March 26 to pay the $175 million bond for his civil fraud case.

Back in February, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump and his co-defendants, which include his two adult sons and several former Trump Organization executives, to fork over $460 million in damages and interest for making fraudulent valuations of Trump’s business assets.

The appellate court’s ruling giving Trump 10 days to pay the $175 million bond instead bars New York Attorney General Letitia James from seizing Trump’s properties in order to enforce the judgment, which she previously threatened to do if he did not post a bond by Monday.

The new deadline is now early April, just a couple days before the second Great American Eclipse passes over seven towns named Nineveh in the United States, as well as an eight Nineveh in Canada.

The appellate court ruling also loosens the original ruling as it pertains to Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, who will now be allowed to run the family’s New York businesses and obtain loans from New York banks.

(Related: Some businessmen are so angry at the ruling against Trump that they are threatening to stop doing business in New York.)

No jury involved in Trump ruling

In arguing against the ruling, Trump said he would not be able to pay the $464 million bond before the Monday deadline. The appellate court responded by reducing the amount as well as some of the terms, but is not letting Trump off the hook.

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The decision was made without a jury, it is important to note, which some say is a clear demonstration of lawfare tyranny, meaning the weaponization of the law for political purposes.

There are a lot of people who really do not like Trump, and the ruling, some say, is demonstrative of that rather than about Trump’s miscarriage of the law. Others say that Trump committed crimes and must now pay for them.

By manipulating his net worth and inflating the value of his properties, Trump and his sons, as well as other associates, were able to obtain lower interest rates than if they had told the truth.

Judge Engoron wrote that Trump and his co-defendants knowingly “submitted blatantly false financial data to the accountants, resulting in fraudulent financial statements.”

“The adults at the appellate level saw the vindictive ‘bond’ as being usurious and it’s ridiculous to have to pay a bond to appeal – typical NYC pay-to-play,” one commenter wrote about Trump’s case.

“Former federal prosecutors maintain there was no crime, no victims and Letitia ran her campaign to only get Trump. It’s not her job to decide who we vote for or not – she should be fired along with Judge Engoron.”

Another wrote that in order to find fraud in a civil setting, the court must first find that someone has suffered financial or other damages. Since there are none to find in this case, this person says Trump is innocent.

“Nobody alleged or suffered any damages at all, which causes the fraud finding and all others in this case to fall away,” this person wrote. “The amount required for appeals bond was lowered by the Court of Appeals because the whole crooked case is going to be tossed on appeal.”

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