ICE arrests illegal alien TikTok influencer who told migrants to seize vacant homes in the US through squatter’s rights

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An illegal immigrant TikTok influencer from Venezuela was arrested on Friday after bragging about his ability to siphon money from hard-working U.S. taxpayers.

Leonel Moreno went viral when he posted a video telling prospective illegal immigrants that they could take advantage of squatters’ rights laws to seize vacant homes in the U.S.

ICE confirmed to Fox News that Moreno had entered the U.S. illegally in April 2022 and had been released under a program that ordered him to report back in 60 days. He neglected to do so and became a fugitive.

“Moreno was arrested in Gahanna, Ohio by officers with ERO Detroit’s Columbus office and is currently detained pending further immigration proceedings,” read a statement from ICE to the New York Post.

The 27-year-old had been recording videos on social media from Columbus, Ohio, where he lived with his girlfriend and their child. He has claimed that he has not worked a day since he arrived in the U.S. and said his family receives $350 a month from the federal government in aid.

Moreno’s account on TikTok has been suspended. He had amassed over half a million followers on the short video platform.

“I don’t like to work,” Moreno said in a video according to Newsweek. “Boys, in the U.S. there are a million tricks, a million things to do.”

In another video, he said he was able to make $1,000 a day through panhandling.

“You’re hurt because I make more than you without much work while you work like slaves, understand?” said Moreno in a video documented by the Post. “That’s the difference between you and me. I’m always going to make lots of money without much work, and you’re always going to be exploited and miserable and insignificant.”

Moreno lamented that his TikTok account had been suspended, but he said he would continue to make money based on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. His Instagram has far fewer followers, about 17k.

He also made headlines in February when he called on his followers to donate money in order to financially support a 15-year-old immigrant accused of shooting a 37-year-old woman in Times Square while he was firing at a security officer.

“Because today it could have been him, tomorrow it could be you. Remember that life is a boomerang,” he said at the time. “He did something wrong, it’s okay, but you can hit someone, you can have an accident. You can go through difficult times where they judge you.”

Here’s more about Moreno’s scam:

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