Matt Walsh RIPS CBS News for Pushing Biden’s EV Propaganda

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The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh hammered a major television network for trying to sell an unconstitutional Environmental Protection Agency power grab to the American public. 

On the March 27 edition of The Matt Walsh Show, Walsh went after both the EPA and CBS News for defending President Joe Biden’s push to “phase out all gas-powered vehicles.” 

After playing a CBS News segment on the EPA power grab that was announced on March 20th, Walsh noted that both EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan and the cast at CBS pushed an illusion of choice on Americans, insisting that the EPA’s new regulation was not truly an electric vehicle mandate. 

“The reporter assures us this EPA rule isn’t anything like an EV mandate because it doesn’t strictly require that automakers only manufacture EVs. Technically, they can make hybrids, they can make hydrogen cars,” Walsh said, going through a list of cars that did not include the gas-powered vehicles that most Americans drive. Walsh’s comments followed a March 21 CBS Mornings segment, obsequiously reporting on the mandate announced the day before. 

Walsh pointed out that similar to CBS, Regan is also trying to hoodwink Americans as the Biden administration takes away their choices. “[Regan] claimed that the agency is simply expanding consumer choice by telling us things that we can’t have and can’t drive, they’re actually expanding our options,” Walsh said sarcastically. “It’s addition by subtraction apparently, because of course in reality, rather than expanding our choices they’re doing the opposite and that talking point completely obscures what’s really happening here.”  

The Daily Wire host laid Biden’s plans bare with none of CBS’ careful language. “The Biden administration is using the EPA, using a bureaucracy, using unelected bureaucrats to effectively pass a law banning the sale of most gas cars without ever consulting the voters and without ever getting the legislative branch of government involved at all,” Walsh said. He also noted that the law-making responsibility usurped by the EPA belongs to Congress.

He went on to discuss the rule itself.

“Specifically, the EPA’s new rule demands that car manufacturers slash emissions on all new passenger cars, SUVs, crossovers, minivans, light trucks and pickups by roughly 50% by the year 2032. And by the EPA’s own estimates that means that up to 56% of new vehicles will have to be EVs and at least 13% will need to be plug-in hybrids. That is a massive reduction on the number of gas-powered cars that will be allowed on the road.” 

This unconstitutional power grab will be a disaster for American drivers and the auto industry. Draconian regulations like the Biden EV mandate aren’t working in California. CBS News knew this before they ran their recent propaganda segment. On Feb. 26, CBS Mornings documented the difficulties that drivers in California and large cities across the nation face charging their electric vehicles. 

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Conservatives are under attack! Contact ABC News at 818-460-7477, CBS News at 212-975-3247 and NBC News at 212-664-6192 and demand they hold Biden and his cronies accountable for attempting to restrict fossil fuel production and Americans’ choices.

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