Tyranny Denied: Louisiana Outlaws Power-Hungry, Globalist Commie Trash

It’s looking like Klaus Schwab won’t be gavaging beignets and that tasty, chicory coffee in the Big Easy anytime soon as the State Senate of Louisiana has made it clear: no world-dominating, toilet-dwelling pinkos allowed.


The Louisiana State Senate voted unanimously on Senate Bill 133 to ensure that the three-headed hydra of globalist chunder, the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO), and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) will never have sway in the Pelican State. The bill still needs to pass the Louisiana House.

The bill reads in part:

The World Health Organization, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum shall have no jurisdiction or power within the state of Louisiana. No rule, regulation, fee, tax, policy, or mandate of any kind of the World Health Organization, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum shall be enforced or implemented by the state of Louisiana or any agency, department, board, commission, political subdivision, governmental entity of the state, parish, municipality, or any other political entity.

What does this mean? 

It means the UN, WHO, and WEF will have no power of any kind in the state. That includes forcing people to get an injection like Joe Biden tried to do during the COVID pandemic.

It means globocrats thousands of miles away can not decide to purloin medical supplies in Louisiana and ship them to, say, China.

The WHO has decided to take it upon its commie self  “to draft and negotiate a convention, agreement or other international instrument under the constitution of the World Health Organization to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.”


FACT-O-RAMA! In the previous sentence the word “constitution” was capitalized. I changed it to a small “c” because I only put a capital “C” before the American Constitution. Suck it, Klaus! 

Draft away, savages. Louisiana is not playing along.

The WHO “drafting”  means an unelected group of people from another nation would be in charge of deciding which people on the planet do and do not receive medicine and, I’m just spitballing here, perhaps even forcing people worldwide to lockdown, wear futile Fauci face diapers, stand on science-free stickers at the Piggly Wiggly, and get more and more injections. 

Louisiana’s bill precedes the May 27 vote by members of the World Health Assembly to “legally bind” nations into accepting the WHO’s “leadership” when the next “pandemic hits, which some brilliant pundits surmise will be before the 2024 elections in the U.S.

The loathsome, unelected leader of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, is already pimping the next, totally organic, completely-not-created-in-a-lab sequel to COVID, which he cleverly calls “Disease X.”


          RelatedWEF Propagates ‘Disease X’ Narrative, Alleges 20 Times Deadlier Than COVID

PREDICTION-O-RAMA! I believe enough Americans have learned our lesson from the first round of COVID codswallop and proffer that the sequel, “Disease X” or COVID II – Electric Boogaloo, whatever they call it, will bomb worse than Jaws 3-D.

Now is a great time to remind you to pay very close attention to our “elected” leaders who bend a knee to the globalist trash entities looking to enslave the world, most notably, Joe Biden, who rejoined the WHO a mere 48 hours after taking over the White House.

Rejoice, Louisiana. Your state just put a steel-toed cowboy boot into the non-binary crotch of global despotism. Crawfish and sazeracs for everyone!

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