Turns out Boeing isn’t the only entity that should be blamed for plane malfunctions

Boeing has dominated the news cycle as its airplanes continue to mysteriously fall apart and malfunction mid-air.

While Boeing seems to be the obvious culprit, Glenn Beck isn’t so sure that it’s purely the company’s fault anymore.

Glenn had a conversation with a good friend who was a pilot at American Airlines for 30-40 years — and that good friend was fed up with the news on Boeing.

The former pilot pointed out that all planes from Boeing not only receive a final check, but they receive a final check from the government.

“What I’m thinking is there’s a problem with maintenance, which would be a problem with the unions, because nobody has personal pride of ownership anymore,” Glenn recalls his friend saying.

“He’s not saying they’re innocent, but he is saying that they’re getting way more than their share of the blame for this,” Glenn explains.

“It’s not surprising that an institution would be taken down by the media,” Stu Burguiere adds.

While the blame may still be Boeing’s to take, Glenn wonders who else might deserve a share.

“Is it Boeing? Is it the FAA and Pete Buttigieg, secretary of transportation, is it the airline, is it the mechanics?” Glenn asks, before opening up his question to another former airline pilot named Michael from Kansas.

“I’m a retired captain with United,” he tells Glenn. “I don’t think it’s Boeing.”

However, there is a chance it could be because Boeing’s focus is in the wrong place.

“Whether it’s the DEI culture, I couldn’t honestly say. But there’s certainly a culture that leads you away from, you know, perfection,” he adds.

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