Joe Rogan finally comes around on calling out Israel’s blatant genocide while Breitbart editor Joel Pollack embraces genocide denialism

Joe Rogan finally comes around on calling out Israel’s blatant genocide while Breitbart editor Joel Pollack embraces genocide denialism

The Zionist establishment is furious with Joe Rogan over comments he just made on his “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast about Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

After viewing video footage on social media claiming to depict Palestinians being killed by Israeli bombs, Rogan commented that what Israel is doing is wrong, in his opinion.

“If you can’t talk about that, if you can’t say that’s real, then you’re saying that genocide is okay as long as we’re doing it,” Rogan said.

“You’re saying that from the perspective of someone who literally went through the Holocaust or your people, your tribe. You went through the Holocaust and now you’re willing to do it?”

With millions of listeners, Rogan has wide reach and influence. As such, his comments are receiving backlash from groups like the Democratic Majority for Israel, which called them “wholly false and dangerous.”

“Joe Rogan accuses Israel of genocide. Compares the war in Gaza to the Holocaust,” also complained Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman from Illinois.

“He’s just plain wrong, and he really ought to have someone on his podcast who disagrees with him for some enlightening, informative conversation. Instead of just tossing that ugly charge out there.”

Keep in mind that Rogan’s podcast topped the Spotify charts in 2023. On YouTube, Rogan has 16.4 million subscribers.

(Related: One of the Zionists’ most well-known and influential U.S. assets is right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro, a product of Israeli intelligence.)

Rogan offends Jews with comment about how they love money

This is hardly the first time that shock jock Joe Rogan has offended the Israeli lobby. Back in February, Jews had a fit after he suggested that they are “into money.”

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“The idea that Jewish people are not into money is ridiculous,” Rogan said on a February 2023 episode of his program. “That’s like saying Italians aren’t into pizza.”

Love him or hate him, Rogan speaks his mind. And for that, he deserves credit for his boldness, especially in saying things like the aforementioned that would surely get his program cancelled from most media companies in the United States were it actually tied to one of them.

Because Rogan’s show is independent, he can say a lot without fear of Spotify or YouTube removing his program. After all, Spotify and YouTube profit greatly from Rogan’s program, and thus have little interest in canceling it.

As usual, Israel-firsters are going nuts over Rogan’s “antisemitic” comments. Many are calling for his program to be cancelled for being “offensive.”

“Rogan was a member of the Hitler youth gang,” said one angry commenter in a tirade. “That is where he learned to hate Jews and rob their money.”

“Not everything Israel does is justified and pure and good,” said someone else, offering a contrarian opinion in support of the innocent people of Gaza who apparently do not matter to Israel-firsters.

“There are 30,000 dead at this point, and most of them are women and children. What Hamas did was horrific, but what Israel is engaging in is also horrific.”

Another pointed out that what Rogan said in his most recent podcast episode about Israel was actually him paraphrasing the statements of his guest, not making his own statement.

“If Palestinians put down their weapons, they’d condemn their children to living in an open-air prison for eternity,” wrote another, denying the claim that there would be peace in the Middle East if the Palestinians just gave up all their weapons.

“Israel with the help of the UN evicted 750,000 people, herding them like cattle into a reservation while they stole their land. This was the Nakbah, before the six-day war.”

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