Trump vs. Biden: Is the 2024 election America’s holy war?

As the attacks on former President Donald Trump ramp up, so does the degeneracy of the Biden administration.

The worse it gets, the more Sara Gonzales and Jaco Booyens believe we might be in the midst of a holy war.

“This is a holy war against God and this country, led part and parcel [by] POTUS, the president of the United States,” Booyens says, adding, “This is a war, it’s a battle. This is the year of reformation. The demons are loose, they’re announcing themselves because that name, that day is so powerful.”

However, Gonzales has some good news.

“This is a book where we do know the ending,” she says. “We know how it ends, but getting to that process, we’re going to have to take back major territory in the meantime.”

That territory starts in our local communities and ends at the White House — which the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to keep.

Each case against Donald Trump is a testament to this.

“You want to talk about the demons being out to get, you know, the side that’s trying to squash them,” Gonzales says, referencing one of the latest attacks against Trump as an example.

After prosecutors in Trump’s Stormy Daniels “hush money” case requested that the judge clarify a gag order imposed on Donald Trump after he criticized the judge’s daughter on social media, the Democrat media went wild.

Booyens calls the media’s reaction “the manifestation of chaotic spirits that these people are in agreement with.”

“They have chosen a side of evil, and light is coming into darkness. And it’s not Donald Trump. It is God saying, ‘I want my nation back.'”

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