Teen who mysteriously died had ankles broken and personal items tossed out by the funeral home ‘without authorization’

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The family of a teenage baseball star in Tennessee who mysteriously died in July 2020 has accused the Tennessee funeral home of breaking both of his ankles and throwing the clothes he was wearing away on the day of the crash, according to the Daily Mail.

Grant Solomon — who allegedly died after his pickup truck struck him — had both of his ankles broken while at the Williamson Memorial Funeral Home. The family reportedly discovered the gruesome scene after they asked the funeral home to open the lower half of the mahogany-colored casket during the ceremony.

Solomon’s mother, Angie Solomon, said she almost “fainted” when she first looked inside the casket, According to hospital records, Solomon’s ankles were not injured in the crash.

After Angie’s claims came to light, Eric Bonetti, editor of Anglican Watch, the unofficial watchdog of the Episcopal Church, filed a complaint against the funeral home and owner with the Tennessee Board of Funerals, per the report. Bonetti alleged that Angie was informed by a member of the funeral staff that her son’s ankles had been broken for the remains to fit in the casket.

The complaint also noted that personal items had been thrown away “without authorization.” When Solomon’s mother asked for his clothes, the funeral home allegedly said they threw them away because they were a biohazard.

The Daily Mail reported that Bonetti sent the board a complaint letter in 2023, asking them to investigate what happened at the Williamson Memorial Funeral Home on or about July 20, 2020.

In that complaint, Bonetti claimed that the staff “knowingly broke Grant’s ankles to fit him into an undersized casket when preparing him for casketing.”

“They told family members that they did this to fit Grant into his casket, which makes zero sense, as he was 6’4 and a standard casket size accommodates remains up to 6’5.”

“I further believe this conduct was not authorized by the family and thus constitutes abuse of corpse under Tennessee law.”

“Moreover, Pam destroyed various personal effects belonging to the decedent without authorization.”

“On top of that, Pam was profoundly rude to family members and inappropriately waded into a dispute between the decedent’s parents.”

“I ask that you investigate and if these claims are verified, file criminal charges against all involved.”

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