Bill Maher speaks the truth on abortion, then shocks audience with ghastly admission

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Bill Maher may not share the same views as pro-life conservatives, but he certainly has no problem telling the truth in a way they can agree with.

On a recent episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Maher did just that on the topic of abortion.

“None of you believe it’s murder, you know. That’s why I don’t understand the 15-week thing or Trump’s plan is ‘let’s leave it to the states,’” Maher said, adding, “You mean, so, killing babies is okay in some states?”

“I can respect the absolutist position, I really can. I scold the left when they say, ‘Oh, you know what? They just hate women, people who aren’t pro-choice,’” he continued. “They don’t hate women. They just made that up. They think it’s murder, and it kind of is.”

“I’m just okay with that. I am, I mean, there’s 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry, we won’t miss you. That’s my position on it,” he added, as his panel and crowd sat in uncomfortable silence.

“Everyone’s stunned,” Sara Gonzales says, noting that he’s right.

“If you’re saying you’re pro-choice, you are saying that you are pro-murder. It is one and the same. Thank you, thank you for admitting that,” she says.

Republican candidate for Texas state representative Mitch Little agrees.

“If you’re going to admit that abortion is murder, can we also admit that gender modification is aggravated assault? Because these are both sanctity of life issues,” Little says.

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