Georgia man admitted to putting antifreeze in newborn baby’s milk because he didn’t want to pay child support, police say

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Georgia police said that they worked extra hard to prove a man was guilty of trying to poison his newborn daughter after he retracted his confession.

Curtis Jack of South Fulton is accused of the heinous act after he impregnated his coworker in 2022. The mother of the baby said that he had tried to get her to abort the child for the entire nine months of the pregnancy.

After the child was born on Sept. 24, the mother asked Jack for help because she was forced to stay in the hospital over birth complications. He was asked to pick up two bottles of breast milk from the mother and deliver it to the child’s grandmother who was caring for the child on Oct. 10.

The child fell critically ill very soon after, and detectives from the South Fulton Police Department interviewed Jack about the milk he delivered. He admitted that he had put antifreeze in the milk in order to avoid having to pay child support.

However, he took back his confession after he was indicted on charges, including attempted murder.

South Fulton Police Sergeant Pserda Dickerson was the lead detective in the case, and he told WSB-TV that they worked harder to prove their case against Jack.

“It’s beyond getting a confession we still have to prove someone committed the crime. You still have to prove that the person is guilty,” he explained.

The child’s mother told WSB that the girl, named Madison, was going to be OK.

Police told WSB that Jack was engaged to another woman at the time of the incident, and that may have also motivated his criminal act.

The man was charged with criminal attempt to commit murder and first-degree cruelty to children. “It hit home because it was an 18-day-old baby,” said Dickerson.

“With our job we have to really tap into two different places,” he explained. “We have to do our job, we also have to be empathetic with the parent. So it kind of hit home, based off of us trying to figure out who done it, and what the motives were.”

A jury found Jack guilty of all counts by a unanimous verdict. A judge sentenced the man to 50 years in prison with 40 years to be served in person.

Here’s more about the incident:

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