Bold move: Josh Hawley demands that Biden’s energy secretary resign

The Biden administration is in hot water after Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) called for the resignation of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

Hawley called her the face of “institutionalized corruption” at the department, because the energy secretary has a well-documented history of owning stocks without proper disclosure.

“I just want to know who really runs the Energy Department,” Hawley said angrily during a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on Tuesday. “Is it you or the mega-corporations whose stock that you own that you’re making profit in?”

And Hawley had the receipts.

“I asked you point-blank, ‘Do you own any individual stock?’ And you told me ‘No,’” Hawley recalled. “Madam Secretary, you said no. In fact, you repeated it three times to me. No, no, no. Turns out that was false. You did own multiple individual stocks, and you neglected to report it to this committee for months afterwards.”

“Why did you mislead this committee?” he asked, before Granholm said she believed she had sold all individual stocks and that it “wasn’t a lie.”

Hawley then reminded Granholm that she was under oath and pulled out a timeline of what she had actually done with the stocks — which wasn’t what she claimed.

“It is outrageous that you’re going to conferences and events funded by foreign billionaires using dark money to try to influence our politics. This has got to change, and frankly, you should go,” Hawley said.

“She lies to the committee, and then she’s indignant being called on the carpet about it,” Pat Gray says, astonished.

“Yeah, because she’s out there pushing policies that she owns stock in,” Keith Malinak says.

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