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Just how pervasive is heart damage following even one dose of the COVID vaccine? A new study out of Saudi Arabia reveals that as many as 27% of a sample of 804 vaccine recipients reported being hospitalized for heart trouble at some point after receiving one of the COVID shots.

We know the spike protein in the shots can cause a host of cardiovascular maladies. The media and medical professions have sought to downplay the prevalence and severity of the problem, but emerging data is confirming anecdotal evidence that the “died suddenly” phenomenon is real.

Pfizer has already been fined by a European drug regulator for lying about the safety of the shots, yet they remain on the market.

The Saudi study, which was published in Cureus and led by researchers at Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies and King Faisal General Hospital, relied on self-reporting. Nevertheless, the study verified that 27% of those surveyed were, in fact, hospitalized within 12 months of receiving the vaccine. More than half of that cohort were admitted within a month of vaccination. So while not every case can be linked to the vaccine, given the numerous signals we already have, it’s a fair bet that the bulk of cases resulted from the jab.

What is particularly jarring is that 58% of those hospitalized were admitted to a critical care unit, and about a third of the patients were hospitalized for four days or longer. More than 60% underwent at least 12 months of treatment, and some remained in continuous treatment through the time of the study. Just 31 of the 218 hospitalized for cardiac complications had their treatment completed in under six months.

The study has some limitations. An inordinate number of the people surveyed also reported suffering from obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. If 27% seems impossibly high, the fact that the study cohort had so many comorbidities would help explain why.

But that only raises an obvious question: Aren’t the very people who were most vulnerable to serious illness from the virus also most vulnerable to spike protein syndromes, particularly those affecting the heart, caused by the vaccine itself?

The authors of the study, led by microbiologist and immunologist Muazzam M. Sheriff, tap-dance around the question by observing the study’s revelations provide “valuable insights into the safety profile of mRNA vaccines in the specific context, fostering informed public health strategies in Saudi Arabia.”

Indeed, they do — especially when taken together with the wealth of research we already have linking the shots to cardiac damage.

Let’s not forget that a confidential Pfizer document released by the European Medicines Agency showed that the manufacturer knew of extensive damage to nearly every organ system.

The 393-page confidential Pfizer document, dated August 19, 2022, shows that Pfizer observed more than 10,000categories of diagnosis, many of them very severe and very rare, affecting 508,351 individual case reports of adverse events containing 1,597,673 events. Among them were almost 127,000 cardiac disorders, running the gamut of about 270 categories of heart damage, including many rare disorders, in addition to myocarditis. There were also 73,542 cases of 264 categories of vascular disorders stemming from the shots.

We could rehash three years of research, but let’s just focus on a few new revelations. Far from being “mild” and transient, a new Australian preprint found that 20 of 60 patients diagnosed with post-vaccine myocarditis still had persistent late gadolinium enhancement more than 12 months later, which often indicates heart scarring. Heart scarring doesn’t go away. The Epoch Times has a list of recent studies showing ominous signs of long-term heart damage from those diagnosed with myocarditis.

The catastrophic fire we see from a steady stream of academic research was reflected in the “smoke” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control detected from the first day of the vaccines’ release in December 2020. Thanks to court-released documents from the secret V-Safe program, we are beginning to view the 780,000 reports from some 523,000 vaccinated Americans who reported dire injuries to the CDC in the first hours of the first days of its distribution.

We already knew that 7.7% of this very large sample reported having to seek medical attention following vaccination. But the CDC did not establish a database to report, collate, and analyze injuries by category. Instead, they let people report back in 250 characters or less of text messages on how they felt post-jab.

The Informed Consent Action Network, which obtained the V-Safe documents, learned that the very ailments that are showing up all over VAERS and in academic literature were being reported by desperate V-Safe users from day one. ICAN has received two batches of text messages so far, and they are remarkably consistent in reporting cardiac events, neurological complications, tinnitus, and miscarriages — all maladies for which we have growing evidence from academic literature and macro epidemiological data linking the explosion of these diagnoses to the shots.

Oh, and remember when the FDA required Pfizer to conduct a study on subclinical myocarditis under the likely assumption that the diagnosed cases of heart damage were just the tip of the iceberg? Pfizer was supposed to have the study done by December 2022, but it still has not been produced. Pfizer has already been fined by a European drug regulator for lying about the safety of the shots, yet the shots remain on the market. In fact, the FDA rewarded Pfizer by approving its rushed, dangerous RSV shot for pregnant women and now seeks to expand approval to children.

At this point, is there any amount of data or science that can stop the Pfizer juggernaut? If a generation of broken hearts is not enough to do it, we may be past the point of no return.

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