UK Police Arrest Man for ‘Hamas Is Terrorist’ Sign

In the UK, you can now apparently be arrested for calling murderous terrorists what they are. God help the West.

Freedom-loving Iranians are among Israel’s greatest supporters. Like Israel, they know what it’s like to fight a terrorist regime (their own jihad-funding government) and receive no real sympathy or aid from Western democracies. When Niyak Ghorbani showed up to an anti-Israel, pro-Gaza protest, police clustered about him and harassed, threatened, and finally arrested him. Breitbart reported that the Iranian man has been arrested at protests a number of times and that anti-Israel activists have tried to assault him.


It is absolutely insane that UK police were all worried about a man with a sign stating an undeniable fact about Hamas — that it’s a terrorist organization — instead of worrying about the jihad-supporting activists behind them. Ghorbani’s own account of the occurrence is below. In the video, he appears at one point to try to pull his sign out of an officer’s hands, at which point several grab hold of him, and one starts yelling in his face.

“Yesterday, with permission from the court granted to display the ‘Hamas is a terrorist organization’ placard at a Palestinian supporters’ rally, I went to Parliament Square,” he posted on April 18. “Initially, the police approached me and asked which group I supported, to which I clearly stated, ‘I support the laws of UK.’” Apparently, that is no longer an acceptable position in the UK.

Ghorbani went on, “They then insisted on examining the content of the banner I was carrying. After a few minutes of conversation, I was convinced to open the banner and show it to the police.” Unfortunately, the situation escalated quickly from there.

To my utter disbelief, the police stated that this content would disrupt public order and that I would be “arrested if I stepped out of the green space and mingled among the demonstrators in the street!” I told him he couldn’t, but he said he could! (Of course, I considered the law when I told him he couldn’t, but I didn’t know the police, who enforce and protect the law, would resort to unlawful means for arrest!) Nevertheless, I stayed put as warned and didn’t step off the grass. As soon as I opened the banner, three police officers surrounded me and tried to grab the banner. When I resisted their attempts to pull the banner, two police officers violently handcuffed my hands, twisting and turning the handcuffs in a completely brutal manner. As I screamed in pain, one of the officers forcefully pressed the handcuffs upward in a “completely brutal” manner while twisting them!

Throughout the ordeal, even inside the police van, the violence continued to the extent that my hands were injured.


The video does show Ghorbani beginning to shout loudly, claiming his hand is broken and adding, “shame on you,” as a whole mob of police arrest him. Since he did not get violent and only began yelling very loudly and energetically after he was arrested, it is not clear why so many officers were focusing on him. Ghorbani does appear to be in pain as the police hastily rush him away, but it is not clear how much his hand was injured.

In the van, I was in so much pain that I told them I felt my hand was broken and asked them to open it, but they paid no attention and only slightly loosened the handcuff on my left hand, but I was still in pain and begged them to loosen the handcuffs, but they ignored me. After about 20 minutes of detention, while still in the police van in the Kensington area, I was informed that I was free and should leave the van now! I requested that they return my banner and take me back to Parliament Square, but both of my requests were rejected! I got out of the police van and immediately returned to the square by taxi, carrying another banner with the same content, this time with the support of two police officers with blue hi-vis vests.

Ghorbani concluded his post, “Yes, I fought for the people of UK, for the people of Israel, for the honorable and brave people of Iran, and to show the truth, and ultimately for my dignity, to prove to you what situation you are in, and if you don’t wake up, you will [have] Iran[’s] experience 1979 in UK.” He is referring to the bloody rise of the dictatorial Islamic Republic regime still controlling Iran. “The people of Iran and Israel will soon destroy the Islamic Republic and Hamas. What will the future hold for the people of UK?” Ghorbani added.


On Oct. 7, Hamas terrorists burned alive and/or beheaded babies, gunned down whole families, raped to death women, and kidnapped civilians of all ages. Yet Ghorbani was arrested over a sign calling Hamas terrorist?

A Westminster Police statement on Twitter/X declared, “Officers arrested a man for a suspected public order offence in relation to a sign he was carrying. It was quickly established that the man should not have been arrested and the wording on the banner did not constitute an offence. He was de-arrested a short time later.”  Ghorbani’s response to the statement confirmed he was the man referenced.

Oh, really, geniuses? Calling Hamas a terrorist group when they committed the worst single day of slaughter against Jews since the Holocaust and proudly avow their genocidal intentions isn’t a crime? Will there be any accountability for this violation of rights by the police?

Ghorbani gets it because, unlike the useful idiots in England and America marching for “Palestine,” he lived it. Like the Iranian woman whose video eviscerating arguments against Israel went viral this week, he understands where support for Islamic radicals leads.

It is truly terrifying that, in the UK, someone who wants to witness to Hamas being a terrorist organization is considered more of a threat than a mob of people supporting Gazan jihadis.

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