BREAKING: Israel Launches Retaliative Strike on Iran

Israel has reportedly launched what’s being called a “limited” strike on Iran in retaliation for that country’s attack on Israel on Saturday. 

Iran media began reporting on a series of explosions at around 10 p.m. EST: 


Fox News Digital has confirmed there have been explosions in Isfahan province where Natanz is located though it is not clear whether it has been hit. Natanz is the site of one of Iran’s nuclear facilities, though state television has described all sites in the area as “fully safe.” 

A well-placed military source has told Fox that the strike was “limited.” Sources familiar said the U.S. was not involved and there was pre-notification to the U.S. from the Israelis. 

Pentagon officials have not confirmed the strike. The White House and the National Security Council (NSC) have declined to comment on the unfolding situation. 

Fox News’s Catherine Herridge reported, “So, what we have heard so far from Iranian press is that there were three explosions in the Isfahan area, which… is the location of the Natanz nuclear facility.”

“We have no indication as of yet that the Natanz facility was the target or any of the nuclear facilities were a target tonight,” she added. “You could have situations where there are air defense systems that would be targeted.” 

“What we know from past reporting on the situation in Iran, and what its capabilities are, is that Iran is very limited in terms of… the number of ballistic missile launchers that they have. These are mobile launchers,” she said, noting that Iran has 100-200 launchers.


According to the Times of Israel:

Iran’s local media says that nuclear facilities in the central city of Isfahan were “completely secure” after explosions were heard near the area.

“Nuclear facilities in Isfahan province are completely secure,” Tasnim news agency reports, quoting “reliable sources.”

Herridge added that “well-placed” U.S. military sources told her that this was a “limited strike.”

She said it’s significant “because Israel has never carried out an overt military strike like this in Iran, just as Iran had not done so, until Saturday night. So a Rubicon has certainly been passed.”

“Now, everybody watches and waits to see what the reaction is,” she added. 

According to Fox News’s Trace Gallegher, the White House has not commented “because they turn the lights off at midnight.” Thus far, there has been no comment from either the Pentagon or the State Department.

This is a developing story. Check back for additional details. 

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