Video shows thug knocking down California woman from behind to steal her purse in broad daylight

A brazen attack on a woman who was visiting her mother in Los Angeles is angering many after it was captured on security video.

Juliana Murillo told KTLA-TV that she was speaking out in hopes of helping police find the culprit who attacked her in her hometown of San Fernando.

“I was born and raised in San Fernando,” she said. “I’m a daughter, sister, I’m a friend, a loved one and no loved one should go through this. It was unexpected. It was just traumatic.”

Murillo said she was delivering a bouquet of roses to her mother for her birthday on Monday just before 3 p.m. when the attacker snuck up behind her and then shoved her violently to the ground. She said she slammed her face into her mother’s metal outer door as she fell.

“He pushed me really hard and I hit my head on the door,” she said. “My body just went into shock. I couldn’t process what was going on. I kept saying, ‘What are you doing, what are you doing?’ He used force to turn me over and he pulled out my purse and took off.”

Murillo was able to resist the man for a few moments before he ripped her purse away and fled in a dark-colored BMW car. A neighborhood resident saw him drive away but said he was unable to read the license plate.

Murillo said that the man was able to steal her car keys, credit cards and her identification. He also tried to use her credit card soon afterward and was able to get into her PayPal account, according to the victim. She also ended up with a large bruise on her knee.

SFPD Lt. Walter Dominguez described the suspect as a light-skinned Hispanic in his 30s with a dark mustache. He told the San Fernando Sun that there isn’t an increase in these kinds of “strong-arm robberies” in the area.

Murillo offered advice to others who might be targeted in these attacks.

“Always be vigilant,” Murillo said. “I speak for many women who have been attacked that feel scared. Don’t be scared. We’re a community can uplift each other and take care of one another.”

Here’s the video of the attack:

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