‘What’s Their Mission?’ MRC’s Stephanie Hamill and Lara Trump Shred NPR Over Liberal Bias Bombshell

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Media Research Center (MRC) contributing writer Stephanie Hamill was a guest on “The Right View Podcast” with host Lara Trump and The Post Millennial’s Libby Emmons on Tuesday to discuss the growing scandal at NPR, among other topics. 

Uri Berliner, a senior editor for the public radio giant, resigned Wednesday after being suspended without pay after he publicly accused the broadcaster of left-wing bias.

During the segment, Trump read a few lines from a message that was sent by NPR’s President and CEO Katherine Maher to staff that was shared online. In the message, Maher defended NPR’s “mission.” 

NPR’s service to this aspirational mission was called in question this week, in two distinct ways. The first was a critique of the quality of our editorial process and the integrity of our journalists. The second was a criticism of our people on the basis of who we are.

Asking a question about whether we’re living up to our mission should always be fair game: after all, journalism is nothing if not hard questions. Questioning whether our people are serving our mission with integrity, based on little more than the recognition of their identity, is profoundly disrespectful, hurtful, and demeaning. 

“What’s the mission?” said Trump. “If the mission is to thwart Donald Trump’s presidency, prevent him from becoming president again, and really just carry water for the Democratic Party, I guess they are right on message and right on mission.” 


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