California mother fatally shot by her estranged husband while on Zoom call before shooting himself: Report

A California mother was fatally shot in her home during a work call by her estranged husband, according to the Daily Mail. The authorities discovered the woman’s body laying on the couch when they showed up to her residence in La Presa.

Ashley Bird, 35, is suspected of being shot by her estranged husband Christopher Bird, 39. The authorities believe Christopher fatally shot Ashley before shooting himself inside his own vehicle some time later.

The tragedy has left their nine-year-old son without both of his parents.

The report mentioned that Ashley’s sister Allison Saefong said her sister was in the middle of a Zoom call with a work colleague when the horrific incident took place.

KNSD sat down with Saefong for an interview following the incident. “She was just a beautiful soul inside and out, in every way imaginable.”

Saefong noted that her sister was a kind and loving person who was committed to her nine-year-old son.

“She would absolutely give anything and everything for her son,” Saefong added.

“My sister, she worked from home. She was in a Zoom meeting. At that point, she thought someone was trying to break in, and she left, and she said, ‘Hey, give me a second. Somebody is trying to break into my house,'” Saefong said.

Only, Bird didn’t return after she disappeared from computer screen. Saefong said Ashley’s co-worker tried to contact the sisters’ mother, but when no one answered, the co-worked decided to call the authorities.

“My mom called me just before 11 o’clock, and she was hysterical, saying, ‘She’s gone. She’s gone.’ I shouted, ‘Who’s gone? Who’s gone?’ She wasn’t giving me details. She said, ‘Ashley. Ashley’s gone, I just know it,'” Saefong said.

Saefong went on to say “[w]e knew” Christopher was “volatile, but we never expected this.”

At the time of the incident, Saefong said the couple were in the process of getting a divorce. But Ashley denied any form of physical abuse, per the report.

“We asked her, ‘Do you feel like he’s physically abusive?’ ‘No, absolutely not,’ she would say. She would say, ‘He would never physically harm me. He’s fine,'” Saefong said.

“We think the divorce may have sent him over the edge and then along with the custody battle that was finalizing at the end too,” Saefong said.

“I wish I would have called her more. I talked to her every day, but I still wish I would have had that one last chance to talk to her. It didn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just say hi, say I love you, give her a hug. Just those small, tiny little details that I would have been able to do on a daily basis and didn’t get to do that one last day. I’d just tell her how much I love her,” Saefong concluded.

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