FBI agents serve subpoenas in the Chicago suburb where scandal-ridden Mayor Tiffany Henyard is in charge

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The FBI served subpoenas in the Chicago suburb on Friday where Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard has faced several accusations of corruption, according to WFLD. She has previously been characterized as the “worse mayor in America” by her critics.

Among the many misdeeds with which Henyard has been accused includes using taxpayer money to spend on luxuries in Las Vegas and weaponizing the police for raids. The most recent incident comes as the mayor has been accused of alleged sexual assault against one of her allies during a trip to Las Vegas. When the alleged victim spoke out, Henyard fired them, per reports.

Four FBI agents showed up to Dolton Village Hall around 2:30 p.m. on Friday, where they served two federal subpoenas.

Fox News Digital reported that the first one was for employment records, personnel files, and disciplinary reports for 25 employees in Dolton. Among the disciplinary reports were three for police officers and Keith Freeman, who is reportedly Henyard’s top aide. He was charged with bankruptcy fraud on Monday.

Reports mentioned that the second subpoena specifically had to do with Freeman, which requested records of all companies associated with him and other possible ties to the village.

Dolton trustee Tammie Brown said: “Months and months and months, we have been begging for someone to come out here and actually investigate as to what’s actually going on out here.”

The FBI published a statement of their own, stating: “I can confirm that the FBI was conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity in that area today. Department of Justice policy prevents the FBI from commenting on the nature of any investigation that may be occurring. There is no further information available for release at this time.”

Burt Odelsen, who serves as the Legislative Counsel for the Village of Dolton Board of Trustees, said that the “House of Cards are collapsing,” adding that “I think the government is taking action.”

“Since September, we haven’t received financials and the last time we did receive financials, we were informed that we were $7 million dollars in debt,” said Brittney Norwood, a Dolton trustee.

However, Odelsen said that it may be a futile effort for federal agents to get a hold of those records.

“The clerk is the custodian of the records. That’s the good news. The bad news is she doesn’t have any records because they have taken the records away from her,” he said.

“I was being told that those documents probably have been shredded weeks ago,” said Brown.

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