Security video shows college student grabbing thug’s gun and ejecting magazine during alleged robbery at University of Chicago

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A female student at the University of Chicago was able to thwart an armed robbery, and the brave act was caught on surveillance video.

The student was walking back to her apartment on Wednesday before 3 p.m. when video showed her being confronted by a man who appeared to point a gun at her.

The student identified herself only as Maddi and spoke to WLS-TV about the incident.

“I was just walking home from class and I see a man in a mask approach me,” she recalled. “And he kind of comes towards me, and I think to myself, ‘Just keep walking,’ but then we have an altercation.”

She appears to seek help from other students, but one student sitting a few feet away does nothing but continue watching the struggle.

That’s when the student grabbed the gun.

“I’m able to get my hands on the gun,” she said, “and remove the magazine on the gun, and I toss it into the bush.”

The attacker turned toward her, but she was able to run away. Moments later, he returned in a dark-colored sedan to try to reclaim the gun magazine. He and the driver were able to get away.

Maddi says she wouldn’t recommend others do what she did.

“I think fight definitely kicked in, but I’m in no way advocating of resisting armed robbery,” she continued. “I think it was really not the right decision looking back on it.”

Police said there were other robberies on the same day as the one targeting Maddi. She just wants them to get caught.

“I don’t blame the campus … I don’t blame the bystander … I don’t blame the police … they did a great job,” Maddi concluded. “I think it’s just finding the people who did this attack, because they will do it again.”

Students told WLS that more crimes appear to be happening to students on campus.

“Normally, it doesn’t happen on campus,” said junior Michel Angelo Pagan. “It happens to people walking back to apartments off campus, so, the fact that it’s getting closer and closer to the central hub of where students are is very concerning.”

Police said they are looking for suspects and will increase patrolling in the area.

Here’s the video of the attack:

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