Weak or brilliant? Israel’s response to Iran EXPLAINED

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Last weekend, Iran launched a wildly unsuccessful missile attack against the nation of Israel, which reportedly shot down 99% of its opponent’s 300+ projectiles.

Iran warned it would attack with greater vigilance should Israel retaliate.

Regardless of the threat, Israel has indeed retaliated — just as Netanyahu promised. However, debates on the country’s strategy continue to circulate.

Compared to Iran’s large-scale attack, Israel launched a precision counterattack.

Upon initial evaluation, Glenn Beck thought Israel’s retaliation was “a wuss response.”

But former Department of Defense intelligence analyst Jason Buttrill may have just changed his mind.

“This was a brilliant response,” he said. Not only did Israel strike “in Syria and Iraq, but they also struck inside Iran.”

While the exact destinations of Israel’s missiles remain unclear, Jason says his analysis suggests that Israel hit “locations that have been given Iranian weaponry, specifically like cruise missiles and shorter range missile systems — like the kind that hit Israel.”

“[Israel] also struck near Isfahan in Iran,” which is the country’s “main missile manufacturing area.”

According to Jason, what Israel did was demonstrate its ability to strike the country whenever and wherever it wanted, with Iran none the wiser.

“Iran launched 350+ missiles, [but] couldn’t kill a single thing or destroy a single thing,” says Jason. However, Israel “showed Iran we can hit you whenever we want, you will never know it, and it will be precise.”

“It’s de-escalation through strength.”

“[Is Iran] basically not going to respond after this?” asks Stu Burguiere.

“I highly doubt against Israel proper … because they are decades behind Israel” is Jason’s response.

To hear more of the conversation, watch the clip below.

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