New York DA’s Trump Circus Has Found Its Clown

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who started the ball rolling on what looks like Stormy Daniels’ shakedown of Donald Trump, has sent up a flare from prison via X to say he now wants to “help” the former president and has been in touch with his defense team. Avenatti wants to be sprung from prison to testify for Trump in the Hush Trump bookkeeping case.


Avenatti, whose own presidential aspirations in 2020 made MSNBC and CNN anchors quiver with anticipation, now calls this New York trial on bookkeeping charges and payments to his former porn star a “travesty.”

In two X posts, Avenatti said that the “fix in in” against Trump. The former Orange County, Calif., attorney who’s doing time for extorting Nike, not paying taxes, and stealing Stormy Daniels’ book advance among other things, said that it was unfair to gag Trump while not shutting down public statements by witnesses against him. 

He continued, writing that his “friends on the left who insist they want to ‘preserve Democracy’ and ‘Justice,’ you should be equally outraged by this.” He said either there are constitutional protections for all or none. “What is happening in the hush money case is a travesty.” 

“I mean, it’s ludicrous,” he told Fox in an exclusive interview. “[S]o many people on the left are OK with this because the defendant is Donald Trump [and it] really makes me sick to my stomach.” Maybe things are a little clearer when you have 19 years in the slammer to think about things. 


Avenatti told Fox News that Trump is a “victim of the system,” and that should mean something considering “I was one of his staunchest opponents for a very significant period of time, that should tell people something.”

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Well, maybe or maybe not. But this circus has found its clown. But the clown made a good point that the legacy media don’t. 

Fox reported: 

You’ve got a group of individuals in the United States who have decided that they know better as to who should be the next president, and they’ve decided that they don’t want to leave it to quote, the little guy, close quote,” he said of the various cases against Trump. “So they’re going to take matters into their own hands to prevent those people from being heard, and I am deeply disturbed and disgusted by it…this should be settled at the ballot box.

And that’s really the issue, isn’t it? It’s not that prosecutors would ever try this novel approach on anyone else; it’s only because it’s Trump, it’s an election year, and they are interfering with it. It’s nakedly partisan, make no mistake.

Avenatti didn’t make the witness list circulated on the first day of testimony in the case, but it’s Matthew Colangelo and Alvin Bragg’s circus. They may be looking for a clown to distract from their “abomination.” You just never know. 


The media have called this case a “hush money” case, but one of our crafty commenters called it the Hush Trump case. Touché. When a judge shuts up the defendant but not the other trial participants you can’t help but wonder if the fix is in. Where else will you read that in this censorious media world that we’re living in? 

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