WATCH: Megyn Kelly has BLISTERING response to Biden’s Title IX revisions

Joe Biden has failed women once again with new Title IX amendments that largely overhaul Trump-era rules. Title IX, which was intended to protect women in athletics, will now pave the way for female athletes to continue being overpowered by trans competitors, as Biden’s new rules stipulate more protections for LGBTQ+ students. The rules state that students cannot be discriminated against for sexual orientation or “gender identity,” although a mandate on whether trans athletes can be barred from competing in the division opposite of their biological sex remains undecided.

The changes also target the way sexual harassment and sexual assault are defined and how due process is conducted. Per Biden’s revisions, the definitions of sexual harrassment and sexual assault will be expanded, and alleged victims will no longer be required to attend live hearings or cross examinations where they would otherwise have to face the accused.

Megyn Kelly, who Dave Rubin says is “loud and proud and hear me roar” in all the right ways, had something to say about Biden’s revisions as well as her voting history.

“I voted for Donald Trump to prevent things like this,” she said. “What Joe Biden just did to women’s rights and Title IX and due process for young men on college campuses and free speech — I was horrified.”

“I’m ashamed of him! I’m disgusted at you, Miguel Cardona. Shame on you,” she spat. “Your daughter … will now have to go into [a] college bathroom, [a] college locker room and be faced with men posing as women — many of whom are only there because they get off on wearing women’s clothing … and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

“It’s direct, and it’s true,” says Dave.

Even though “Donald Trump has gone after [Megyn] personally,” she is still “endorsing [him] for 2024” as she did in 2020.

“It wasn’t about me,” she said. “It was about my concern for this country and my children and what was happening in particular in [the transgender] culture lane but in other lanes as well.”

To hear Kelly’s full analysis on Biden’s new rules and her explanation regarding her voting choices, watch the clip below.

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