CNN Virtue Signals to Save Planet by Releasing Hysterical Letter: ‘To My Son, Born in the Climate Crisis’

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CNN once again exposed that it is in fact an activist organization masquerading as a news outlet with a sappy piece on the “climate crisis.”

On April 22, CNN celebrated “Earth Day” with an editorial piece from chief climate correspondent Bill Weir. The piece is formatted as a letter to Weir’s four-year-old son. Within the first sentence, Weir’s language quickly devolves into hysterics about mass extinctions and the usual doomsday predictions.

For some context, Weir has a history as a natural observer, particularly of waterfowl. He used this critical expertise at then-President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration, an event so momentous and ponderous that even the seagulls were “awed” according to Weir as if in the presence of a Saint Francis or the Infant Christ.  

“This is your fourth Earth Day, and so much has happened in your little lifespan that what started as an annual record of anger and regret has grown into a book full of hopeful solutions,” Weir began in his letter, in what sounds like an excerpt from a Greta Thunberg speech. 

The exaggeration continued. 

“There are still dark days to be sure, and since you love animals so much, I can’t bring myself to explain just how many of your favorites are on extinction’s brink,” Weir said, persisting in his overblown tirade. 

But not to worry, Weir found a way to deal with the lingering dread of a world still chock full of plastic straws and gas-powered stoves: Mister Rogers.    

“When disasters strike, I remember the advice of Mister Rogers, who taught me that every time there is a scary event on TV, ‘Look for the helpers. There are always helpers,’” Weir said, dispelling the inevitable sense of helplessness and abject fear that has no doubt gripped the reader when they ponder the sheer cruelty of the rapacious Colombian cattle rancher. The rancher is a beast who hacks away at the sacred heart of Mother Earth in order to make a pittance to feed his starving family. 

Weir went on to describe these heartless capitalists, exploiting the land to eat and take up Earth’s precious resources. He described the difficulty of local conservationists like Rosamira Guillen in getting the cooperation for conservation efforts from these villains. 

“But to connect enough fragmented habitat for the gene pool to thrive, she would need land,” Weir detailed. “And the cooperation of cattle ranchers who do not share her love for toy-sized primates.” 

Guillen further expounded on the difficulty of dealing with such a rabble. 

“‘In a country like Colombia, where there’s so many challenges, people don’t realize that if you screw up the forest we’re all going to be screwed,’” she allegedly said, lamenting the ignorance of such people. 

Despite such grimness and despicable evil, Weir ended with a message of hope for his son, cursed to be born in such a time of unremitting woe. 

“Still, River, when days get dark, and I feel the need to look for helpers, I sometimes flash to the series of fortunate events that gave almost 1,000 acres of forest to the titis – and I imagine all the spots that need similar love,” Weir advised. 

And in case this wasn’t enough incentive to put down that burger and go vegan, CNN also helpfully included an editorial note. 

“Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Initiative has partnered with CNN to drive awareness and education around key sustainability issues and inspire positive action,” the note informed.

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