Why single women don’t vote Republican (and probably never will)

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While many Republicans blame Donald Trump for the lack of female support in their party, women’s blue voting patterns began far before his reign.

And Steve Deace has the receipts.

As early as 2004, John Kerry polled at 18+ points more with unmarried women than George Bush, who polled at 10+ points more with married women.

The trend continued with each election up until 2020, with the only exception being Hillary Clinton polling at 2+ points more than Trump with married women and 29+ points more with unmarried women.

“This is the spiritual condition of unmarried women because this is driven all by one particular issue: unmarried women just want to be able to kill their children whenever they want,” Deace explains, adding, “It’s not any more complicated than that.”

And he’s not hopeful it will change.

“There’s really not even much we can do to bridge this gap, frankly. Because what’s the number one most loyal issue voting base in the Republican Party?” Deace asks, “the pro-life base.”

“The more married you are, the more you tend to vote Republican, and the less married you are, the more you tend to vote Democratic,” he continues.

“It’s really the number one dividing line of voting patterns in America.”

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