Iran’s Ayatollah Defends Jihadis, Gleefully Touts U.S. Pro-Hamas Protests

The Supreme Leader of Iran’s terror-sponsoring regime took to Twitter/X on Wednesday to defend Hamas terrorists, hurl false accusations at Israel, and celebrate the fact that useful American idiots align with his pro-jihad views.


Students in New York and elsewhere around the country are waving Palestinian flags and chanting such Nazi-like slogans as “We are Hamas” and “kill all Zionists.” Those are sentiments with which Ayatollah Khamenei, head of the Iranian Islamic Republic regime that oppresses its own people and sponsors terrorism abroad, is in full sympathy.

Khamenei tried to pretend that the Palestinians are not the terrorists, but rather Israelis are. “For years, we’ve been facing harsh sanctions imposed by the US & Europe. What’s their purpose? They deceitfully say they’re because of nuclear weapons & human rights issues. No, they sanction Iran for supporting terrorism. What is terrorism in their view? It’s the people of Gaza!” Khamenei tweeted, adding, “The people of Gaza are terrorists in the opinion of the U.S. and Europe. A malicious, fake, usurping, brutal regime that has massacred nearly 40,000 people in six months, thousands of them children, is not a terrorist but the people who are under its bombardment are terrorists!”

A couple of points here. First of all, anyone who guns down whole families, rapes women to death, burns babies alive, and otherwise brutally tortures and murders civilians as Hamas did with the support of about three-fourths of Gazans is, by definition, a terrorist, completely regardless of what perverted cause he believes he is fighting for. Second, Khamenei is using Hamas-issued Gaza casualty numbers, which of course are totally unreliable. For instance, Hamas will often count teenage terrorists as children in their grossly inflated and manipulated statistics.


The reality is that Israel existed as a nation over a thousand years before Islam was even invented, and the so-called “Palestinians,” a conglomeration of Arabs who adopted that term only starting in the 1960s, certainly have no right to Israeli land. Israel generously ceded land (including Gaza) to the Arabs, trying to appease them, and it has always backfired. The Arabs don’t want their own state (which they already have: Jordan); they want to destroy Israel. You can read Robert Spencer’s previous piece for more details on why there is no Israeli “occupation.”

Unfortunately, facts have never prevented Khamenei from spewing virulent antisemitism. “The Zionist regime comes & bulldozes and flattens someone’s farm and residential home in order to build a settlement there. The Palestinian is defending the home that has been taken away from him by force. Is he a terrorist? The terrorist is the one bombarding these people,” he lied on Twitter

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Khamenei proudly bragged that many Americans and other Westerners sympathize with Gazans over Israel. “They say, ‘Why are you supporting Palestine?’ Today, the entire world is supporting Palestine. People are supporting Palestine in the streets of Europe, in Washington, and in New York,” the terror-sponsoring tyrant tweeted smugly.


In conclusion, one thing is certain: if you are on the same page as Ayatollah Khamenei, as the radical pro-Hamas American students and faculty are, you know that you are on the wrong side of history.

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