New German Law Says Parents Can Change Child’s Gender, Fines for ‘Deadnaming’

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It seems progressives in Germany may have had too much beer before deciding on this recent law, because no sober-minded individual should’ve voted yes for this!

Earlier this month, the German Parliament, Bundestag, passed a policy that would enable parents to change the gender on their child’s birth certificate if the kid isn’t satisfied with their biological sex at birth, and enforce fines for any citizens who “deadname” or “misgender” other civilians. The Self-Determination Act (SBGG) is an extreme policy that caters to delusion and desire over fact and truth.

As Reduxx reported, parents can alter the sex on a child’s birth certificate once the child turns five, if there is “mutual consent” between the parent and said five-year-old.

Here’s more from Reduxx’s report:

According to a description of the bill on the Bundestag’s official website, the Self-Determination Act was designed “to implement a core idea of ​​the Basic Law, the protection of gender identity, by giving people the opportunity to change their gender entry and first name without discrimination.”

It continues that following a change, a one-year “blocking period” will apply where no further changes are allowed, though a person may change their name and sex once again after the year passes.

Additionally, if a child is at least 14 years old, they can change their sex and name themselves, but need parental consent. Since that may cause roadblocks for some kids, the parliament will allow a family court to “decide based on the best interests of the child,” so the parent’s decision could be overruled.

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The new law is set to replace the 1980 law which required “trans” people to provide a local court with two separate “expert reports” that indicated to “a high degree of probability” that the individual was not going to go back and forth and revert to his or her original gender identity. Apparently people complained that the original law made the name and sex changing process too cumbersome and lengthy, hence the updated and easier path. 

Not The Bee summed it up well when writing:

There’s no way to parody this. They’re really writing it into law that you can choose your baby’s sex at birth. And of course this has nothing to do with normal sane people who assign their children the correct sex at birth. It’s the crazies who want to immediately throw their boy in a dress, or their girl in a “chick magnet” shirt as some sort of sick and twisted science experiment. This law is literally written to protect insane people who are hell bent on creating sociopath children.

The same decision by Bundestag declared that a fine of up to €10,000 (about $10,625) would be leveled against anybody who uses a transgender person’s “deadname” (the name they were born with) or “misgenders” them. 

This is absolutely flabbergasting. I hope and pray nothing like this comes over to the States, because I know leftist loonies over here would be ALL over it.

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