Ronda Rousey says Joe Rogan ‘turned’ on her despite ‘crying’ in the octagon — calls MMA media ‘a bunch of a**holes’

UFC Hall of Fame inductee Ronda Rousey said that the entirety of mixed martial arts media “happily” turned on her, and that included commentator Joe Rogan.

Rousey has been promoting her new book, “Our Fight,” and has made headlines for new revelations about believing she is the “greatest fighter that has ever lived” and stating that concussions are what ended her career, not losses.

While appearing on the “Chris Cuomo Project,” Rousey again made newsworthy comments, this time about her industry. The former fighter responded to Cuomo asking what it was like to not be able to explain how she was suffering from concussions at the time of her retirement.

“It was disappointing to see how happily everyone turned on me,” Rousey replied. “People like Joe Rogan, who were crying in the ring out of the honor of being able to call my fights, people I considered friends in the media, so quickly turned on me,” she claimed.

Rousey had said in an early April 2024 interview that near the end of her career, she had so many concussions that she literally couldn’t take a jab in training without suffering one.

“I’m also kind of grateful for it,” Rousey continued. “It forced me to separate other people’s perception of me, from my own perception of myself, which I hadn’t realized had become intertwined. When you have that outpouring of love and support from people, you’re being love-bombed from the world.”

The former champion said that a lot of her mindset had to do with pleasing others and chasing a life of fame and fortune in order to “impress everybody else.”

“I was pandering to everybody and doing things that other people would think was cool, but I didn’t really enjoy. I do not enjoy being paparazzi-famous. I hate it,” she explained. “Being put through that, it forced me to see that oh, this isn’t real love, this was fake.”

The 37-year-old added that she came to a realization that the media’s criticism of her was actually a criticism of itself.

“They don’t actually know me, they don’t actually love me, they don’t actually hate me, this is a reflection of themselves and what I represent to them,” she asserted.

Cuomo also asked if Rogan or any other media members had reached out to Rousey since hearing about her concussions.

“Nobody is correcting themselves,” Cuomo affirmed.

“MMA media hates me, but it’s fine,” Rousey declared. “Not a single person has called me or anything like that, they’ve all just doubled down and said that I’m making excuses or lying or blowing things out of proportion or not giving credit where it’s due. I’ll be waiting for that call forever.”

“Are you waiting for it? Or do you get it and get where they’re coming from?” Cuomo then asked.

“I get that they’re a bunch of a**holes,” Rousey laughed. “That’s what I get. I get ‘f**k you.’ I would rather not have those fake friendships in my life, I would rather that those people expose themselves.”

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