Speaker Mike Johnson’s Sgt. of Arms Threatens Rep. Massie to Take Down his Video of Democrats Waving Ukrainian Flags on the House Floor or Face $500 Fine

Democrats cheer and wave Ukrainian flags on the floor of the US House after sending another $60 billion in borrowed dollars to Ukraine.

On Saturday afternoon Democrats and Uniparty RINOs passed legislation to send ANOTHER $60 billion to Ukraine to fund their War with Russia.

This was money borrowed from the US treasury to fund a prolonged war in Europe’s most corrupt nation,Ukraine, against Russia.

Texas lawmaker Chip Roy recently revealed that only $47 billion of the $113 billion in Ukraine funding actually went to lethal aid.  They’re not sure about the rest!

Following the vote Democrat members of Congress cheered and waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor after voting to give them another $60.8 billion in taxpayer funds.

The $95.3 billion foreign aid package funds Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan — with nothing for Americans.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) posted video of the outrageous spectacle on his X account. The video currently has 6.4 million views.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna famously responded, “Put those damn flags away!” as she chided radical left for waving the Ukrainian flag in the US House.

On Tuesday night, Rep. Massie posted on X that he was threatened to take down his video of Democrats waving Ukrainian flags on the House floor or be fined $500!

Speaker Mike Johnson’s Sgt of Arms sent Massie the warning!

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