New ‘Doctor Who’ features queer, black protagonist, men in skirts, and a monster-slaying twerk routine?

Lauren Chen lost interest in the “Doctor Who” franchise some time ago as the productions have been saturated in woke propaganda.

“At this point, any discussion of ‘Doctor Who’ that happens on this channel … [is] 100% from the standpoint of ‘let us sit back and enjoy the dumpster fire that is happening in front of us,”’ she says.

That said, she dives into the latest iteration, featuring Rwandan-Scottish actor Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor. Gatwa is celebrated as “the first Black and first openly queer man to take on the role,” according to an Entertainment Weekly article.

“What even is sci-fi without the black queers?” mocks Lauren, pointing out Disney’s incessant woke diversity propaganda.

“It’s crazy because for four years, now, the reviews and the ratings for ‘Doctor Who’ have been falling and falling,” and yet, “for the first time ever, the BBC is partnering with Disney+ to launch the show worldwide. And when the new season premieres May 10, it will air simultaneously around the globe,” says Lauren, citing the article.

The piece also reported that the show would have “a bigger budget” and “a bigger platform.”

If that wasn’t enough to turn you off, “the creative team behind ‘Doctor Who’ are just total ideologues,” says Lauren.

According to screenwriter and producer Russell T. Davies, “[He] searched the galaxy, auditioning men, women, and nonbinary actors from all sorts of diverse backgrounds” to find the perfect actor.

But Lauren is certain this isn’t true.

“They’re not looking for white men — especially not white, straight men,” she says, adding that Hollywood’s version of diversity means “anyone who is not white, straight, and male.”

To make matters worse, Gatwa reported that he and his onscreen partner, Millie Gibson, interact “like two girls in school giggling and gossiping.”

“Is that really the dynamic we want to see from our ‘Doctor Who’ sci-fi show?” asks Lauren.

But somehow, it gets even worse.

Gatwa, who’s expressed his affinity for wearing skirts, may just get to continue donning his favorite clothing item during filming.

“It seems like they are going to make skirt-wearing part of this new Doctor’s identity,” says Lauren.

According to the article, “[Gatwa] quickly befriended costume designer Pam Downe, and together they dreamed up an entire TARDIS closet for the Doctor.”

“She laid out her sketches on the table, and I saw kilts and skirts and all kinds of gender-pushing, societal-pushing outfits, and I was like, ‘Yes, let’s do all of them,”’ he said in the interview.

But skirts aren’t enough for the actor.

He also said: “I need a big dance number! That’s what I’m going to put into the universe: I need the Doctor to have a big, fierce dance routine that, like, destroys a monster with twerking. Or maybe some death drops, and that’s what will drop the monster.”

“Are you excited for your black, gay, cross-dressing ‘Doctor Who’?” Lauren asks sarcastically.

To hear more of her analysis, watch the clip below.

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