Trans Boy Beats Another Girl in Indiana

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The ability of transgender “women” to continually demonstrate how much they hate actual women and girls never ceases to amaze me, even when it’s a kid involved.

Up in Lebanon, Ind., last week, a transgender “girl” reportedly beat up an actual girl while his friend recorded it.


Real News Central Indiana described how the kid grabbed the unnamed victim’s ponytail, threw her to the ground, and commenced with a beating. The accomplice recording the video airdropped it to everyone else in school, and the poor girl who was attacked is “being harassed and bullied now. She went back to school the next day, but it has been really hard on her.”

Just to make the whole situation worse, the attacker was allegedly the same boy who forced Lebanon Middle School to acknowledge that allowing boys into the girls’ locker room is a bad idea (especially the likes of this little maniac).

Back in March, MRCTV described how another 11-year-old student appeared before the county school board and caught sight of him in the girls’ locker room, saying she was “panicked” and “wanted to cry” because of how uncomfortable she was with the prospect of changing in front of him.

Nice going, Lebanon Middle School.

This story sounds very similar to a similar incident that occurred at Pennbrook Middle School a bit further east in North Wales, Pa. My friend Stephen Green covered it earlier this week, describing how a transgender “girl” supposedly kept a “hit list” of actual girls he intended to attack, blindsiding one of them at lunch and pulverizing his victim with a Stanley cup and sending her into the hospital, screaming about how he was going to kill her all the while.


The worst part about that one was that another girl had warned teachers and staff that it was going to happen (five hours in advance), but the school just brushed it off saying that nothing would happen.

As Stephen put it, “It never does happen. Right until it does.”

In all seriousness, I am convinced that being “trans” is just an excuse for men to act out their worst impulses, and the media will keep it under wraps because the trans victimhood narrative is still a hot (albeit cooling) commodity.

For instance, two weeks ago I wrote about some loony named Kyle Calvert, a self-described “trans non-binary” man who unsuccessfully tried to nail-bomb the Alabama State Capitol, and supposedly had issues with violent impulses.

That same day, my buddy Matt Margolis briefly touched upon what has been happening at Planet Fitness facilities, but I don’t think he covered enough of the sort of perverted stuff going on there (my indispensable guides in finding stuff to write about at Libs of TikTok can elaborate, but bring eye bleach).

Then the week before, PJ Media’s resident funnyman Kevin Downey Jr. shared with us the absurdly evil words of Jason Lee Willie, arrested twice for making vile, unhinged threats of shooting up schools, bombing churches, and molesting kids.


For Our VIPs: Trans Beast Threatens to Assault Kids, Shoot Up School, Has Manly Wrist Slapped by Feds

Of course, that doesn’t mean that women who “identify” as men are immune from being as equally despicable, as the Covenant shooter from last year and a would-be copycat named Andrea “Alex” Ye demonstrate.

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