WATCH: Roseanne Barr and Greg Gutfeld explain the devolution of the comedy industry

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Both Greg Gutfeld and Roseanne Barr were quick to ditch mainstream comedy when the industry fell under the control of the radical left. On a recent episode of “The Roseanne Barr Podcast,” the two discussed “the huge culture shift” that’s left the comedy industry void of, well, comedy.

“These guys,” Barr said, referring to the comedians who pander to the woke, “they’re just drowning in unfunny.”

According to Gutfeld, the comedians who bent the knee have one thing in common: “They’re scared.”

But the ones, like Barr, who refused to be silenced and controlled, also have something in common: “the freedom to say what [they] want.”

“Once the left and liberals gave [freedom to speak freely] up, we snatched it,” he said, in reference to conservative comedians. “You can tell how uncomfortable comedians of the left are. They know that there’s a line they can’t cross; meanwhile, you and I — we can say whatever we want.”

And that — the freedom to speak freely — is exactly why Greg Gutfeld is “the number one host in late night comedy” according to Dave Rubin.

“It’s everyone versus the woke,” he says. “They are destroying everything at every freaking level.”

To see the footage of Gutfeld and Barr’s candid conversation, watch the clip below.

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