Zionist John Podhoretz wants the NATIONAL GUARD deployed to Columbia University to silence pro-Palestine protests

Zionist John Podhoretz wants the NATIONAL GUARD deployed to Columbia University to silence pro-Palestine protests

Writer and Israel Firster John Podhoretz is really upset that some students and faculty at Columbia University are protesting against the genocide in Gaza, so much so that he wants the National Guard deployed to put a stop to it.

In a cringeworthy rant, the neoconservative Zionist, who infamously labeled all critics of Israel as “anti-Semitic filth,” wants people who oppose Israel’s genocide of innocents in Gaza to be punished by the United States government.

“If you think the National Guard shouldn’t be sent in, you don’t give a s— about Jewish kids,” the drama queen spewed in a vile rant on X, formerly Twitter, that we censored. “It’s that simple. You. Don’t. Give. A. S—. Say you do all you like. But you don’t.”

Podhoretz retweeted a post from fellow Zionist Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) who categorized pro-Palestine protests as “terror” (as a few of our commenters here at Natural News also routinely do) in an effort to vilify their First Amendment rights.

In order to “keep Jewish students safe,” Schultz and Podhoretz want Americans’ free speech rights to end immediately, in other words.

(Related: The employees at Google who staged a sit-in at their employer over its ties to Israeli genocide deserve commendation for trying to put a stop to the Zionist annihilation of the people of Gaza.)

Remember when Zionists were silent about anti-white protests?

It should be noted that neither Schultz nor Podhoretz had anything like this to say back in 2020 when the anti-white Black Lives Matter (BLM) crusaders tore apart college campuses, Target stores and even entire city downtowns in protest of “white supremacy.”

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If anything, these two Zionists were egging on the BLM rioters who destroyed property in a rage against “colonization” and slavery, which ironically enough seems to trace back to Zionists rather than “whites.”

Now that Israel’s crimes against humanity are front and center, the pro-BLM contingent of Zionism is shrieking with rage right alongside the neoconservative contingent about the fact that anyone would dare to question the murderous activities of “God’s chosen” in Gaza.

Keep in mind that Podhoretz spread lies about Hamas “baking a baby in an oven” among other such propaganda dispensed by Israel and its best friend the United States in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 false flag attack in Israel.

It would seem as though Podhoretz and many others just like him are having a collective mental breakdown as they watch their empire of lies crumble in real time. After all, they spent many decades brainwashing the American people into supporting them using a bastardized interpretation of scripture – and just like Haman in the biblical story of Esther, the Zionists will soon go into the very gallows that they created for the rest of us.

“The Protestors are not protesting Judaism, they are protesting a GENOCIDE of Palestinians by Zionist Israelis,” one commenter wrote, realigning the conversation back to reality.

“Our government cannot sanction a religion like Judaism, or any religion that violates the Constitutional RIGHTS of any American. Now, if ‘Jews’ want to hold rallies sanctioning genocide, let them, but they cannot STOP pro-Palestine supporters who want the genocide stopped. It is past time for the leaders of Judaism to separate the Zionists from those who practice the Jewish faith and to clarify who the Semitic People are and are NOT. Bottom line, in America, religion stands behind our Constitution not in front, or by its side. Congress violates their Oath every time they put any religion in front of the constitutional RIGHTS of Americans.”

Pro-Israel zealots are becoming increasingly unhinged as they come to the stark realization that almost nobody supports their genocidal agenda for non-Zionists. Learn more at Prophecy.news.

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