Australian tyrants want to imprison Elon Musk for this…

When a 16-year-old Muslim apparently stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel during a church service in Australia, Elon Musk’s X erupted with footage of the attack.

Now, Australia is demanding that Elon Musk remove the video from X — not just in Australia, but around the world. However, not only does the bishop want the video to remain up, but Musk has so far refused to remove the video.

“That video was caught by the church on tape,” Glenn Beck explains, “and nobody wants it to be seen. When I say nobody, I’m saying the government doesn’t want it to be seen.”

“They told Facebook and everyone else, ‘Memory-hole this,’” he adds, noting that the reason they don’t want it to be seen is because “it was an Arab, a Muslim, attacking a Christian.”

Even the prime minister of Australia has spoken out against Elon Musk for refusing to remove the video.

“This isn’t about freedom of speech, and most Australians, of course, overwhelmingly, would never think about posting the sort of material that would cause damage,” the prime minister said.

He then called Musk “an egotist,” “totally out of touch with the values that Australian families have,” and claimed that he sees X as a “vanity project.”

“The politicians don’t want to say what kind of damage it’s doing. What it’s doing is showing Islamic extremism, that’s what it’s doing,” Glenn responds.

But the prime minister isn’t the only one going after Musk, as an Australian senator called for him to “be jailed.”

“They’re doing everything they can to destroy Elon Musk. In fact, Elon Musk is becoming very, very Trump-like in the attacks. He is being attacked on all fronts,” Glenn says.

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