Biden Administration Policies Are ‘Crushing’ the U.S. Economy

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In contrast to current media propaganda, an economic editor just explained how Biden administration policies are responsible for wrecking the U.S. economy — an analysis in line with ordinary Americans’ experience.


John Carney, Breitbart economics editor, described the Democrat-induced economic catastrophe on Fox Business this week. “It is tyranny by regulation, that is what we’re getting,” he stated, breaking down various Biden administration regulations that are poison for the economy.

“When you add on giant regulatory burdens onto the private sector what you end up doing is crushing the ability of businesses to grow, crushing the ability of businesses to hire people, crushing people to start new businesses,” Carney said on Fox’s “Kudlow” show. 

He continued, “That is what happened under Obama when it was just 1/5 of what Biden has done. Biden, this is just the track record so far, imagine what he will do when he is a lame duck president if he gets reelected, it will be four times what he has right now.” 

Economic issues often top the list of voters’ issues of major concern in polls. Economic hardships will probably influence the outcome of the 2024 election.

Carney said, “Just this week they put on some regulations that the American Action Forum said they have never seen a week like this. They put on tailpipe emissions that cost something like $850 billion.”


One of the key reasons the Biden administration keeps sabotaging the economy is in service to radical climate alarmist ideology. “They put in new lamp regulations because they think our lights are too bright, using too much energy,” Carney said. “So you better adjust your eyes so you can read in dim light. They can’t find a thing they don’t want to regulate, to have punitive regulations on the U.S. economy.”

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The Biden administration also persists in trying to phase out gas-powered vehicles, even though it is impossible to generate enough electricity to power enough electric trucks and cars to keep our nation on wheels (especially with unreliable “green” energy). 

“Under the new tailpipe emissions regulations they think that we’ll have to have 56% of cars be electric vehicles by 2030,” Carney noted. “Guess what? That is just a couple years away and nobody wants the electric cars they’re trying to sell now. They will try to force that on the American people by basically declaring our internal combustion engines illegal.” Reality be damned, the Biden administration has a woke ideology to push.


A trucker went on Fox Business earlier this month to warn that the Biden administration’s “greenhouse gas” regulations are sabotaging the vital trucking industry. Every economic policy of the Biden administration has created or worsened a problem. Indeed, inflation is now costing Americans over $1,000 extra every single month, just for basic expenses, compared to when Biden took office. That’s unsurprising given that inflation went up about 18% under Biden and could go higher.

The Biden administration only cares about leftist government officials and their wealthy cronies. They won’t alter their policies no matter how much American workers and businesses suffer. Carney is right; the Biden administration practices tyranny by regulation.

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