California Takes the Lead in Illegal Migrant Apprehensions

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When Texas began to crack down on illegal alien crossings, the border crisis was not solved, but illegals did migrate westward, to the point where radically leftist California is now the hotspot of the Biden border crisis.


In February, the Tucson, Ariz., sector was the busiest border sector for illegal migrant crossings. As of the first half of April, however, the San Diego Sector has reportedly taken that unenviable top spot from Tucson. And considering how thoroughly woke and destructive Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) is, the migrants can be pretty sure that the state government will do nothing about the crisis.

Breitbart covered data on April 25 from an unofficial Border Patrol (BP) report the outlet reviewed. During the first three weeks of this month, Border Patrol agents in the San Diego Sector encountered almost 25,000 illegal aliens. 

In 2023, the Rio Grande Valley and Del Rio Sectors were alternating for the sectors with the highest numbers of apprehensions, Breitbart explained. But when Texas and Mexico both began to take action on the border, the never-ending flood of illegals moved west. First, the Tucson Sector took the top spot, as noted above, and now it’s San Diego.

According to the CBP Southwest Land Border Encounters report, Tucson Sector agents apprehended nearly 42,000 migrants in March. This was followed by the San Diego Sector’s apprehension of nearly 34,000 migrants and El Paso’s 30,000 migrants.

By the third week of April, first place moved to the San Diego Sector, where the apprehension of nearly 25,000 migrants surpassed El Paso’s arrest of approximately 22,000 migrants and Tucson’s arrest of just over 21,000 migrants.


During this Fiscal Year 2024 alone, Border Patrol had 1.1 million+ illegal alien encounters, with Tucson Sector still number one overall at over 360,000 arrests, Breitbart explained. San Diego Sector has arrested over 210,000 of the illegals. As of January, more than 85% of illegals were released into the United States.

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Whether at the state or federal levels, Democrats not only refuse to address the border crisis, but they actively facilitate it! The alleged job gains the Biden administration was touting earlier this year were not benefiting American-born men at all, but they were going to non-citizens. 

Federal and state governments spend over $150 billion of taxpayer money annually on illegals, at a time when so many Americans are struggling. Now, the Biden administration is reportedly considering a plan to give legal status to illegal aliens who are married to U.S. citizens, affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

The amount of illegals pouring into the country has exceeded multiple states’ populations. And with the Biden administration ensuring that illegal aliens would be counted in the Census, this massive new population could permanently rig Congress and the Electoral College in favor of Democrats. The crisis is deliberate. The Democrats think they want to replace Americans with illegal immigrants, despite the many criminals, gang members, potential terrorists, and foreign agents who are part of the illegal invasion. This is the purposeful upheaval of America.


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