NewsBusters Podcast: Cassidy Hutchinson Nails Those CNN Talking Points

CNN primetime host Kaitlan Collins gushed over former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson for 20 minutes on April 24. Hutchinson nailed all the CNN-pleasing talking points. Collins introduced her as “now a frequent target of Donald Trump’s, after her explosive testimony before the January 6 Committee.”

Hutchinson warned: “It’s really important to stress that the American people were not given the truth about Donald Trump in 2016, and he won. He almost won in 2020. And he very well could win again, if the American people do not, are not made aware of who he actually is.” CNN types think Trump voters are so dumb that they have no idea who Trump is.

She didn’t say out loud she’ll vote for Biden, but her underlining of how crucial it is to defeat Trump sends the message loud and clear. She’s advertising for Biden-Harris, and CNN is happy to air it for free. 

Only at the end of this 20-minute interview, in the last two minutes, do we get a slight hint of how Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony turned out to be wrong, this tale of Trump grabbing the steering wheel. We know now that Trump’s driver says that never happened. But Collins could only negotiate around the phony story. A Secret Service agent “could not corroborate your testimony of something that you said you were told by the White House Deputy Chief of Operations, at the time, Tony Ornato. And he’s gone after you publicly as you’ve spoken out bravely.”

So Hutchinson poses as one who speaks the truth, and CNN doesn’t really want to challenge that. And it certainly doesn’t want to challenge her wild claims that this could be the final election: “what scares me more is the fact that this could potentially be the final election of our American democracy, as we know it, if he’s reelected.” That paranoid line couldn’t please CNN bosses (or viewers) more. 

Hutchinson claimed she really doesn’t want to be a public person, but it’s worked out well for her. She had the book deal with Simon & Schuster, and she speaks in public for money (not on CNN, but the CNN appearances don’t hurt).

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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