Texas State Troopers violently assault Fox news cameraman as part of effort to suppress student protests, protect Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Texas State Troopers violently assault Fox news cameraman as part of effort to suppress student protests, protect Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Fascism is alive and well in Texas as State Troopers persecute students and assault the media in allegiance to their Zionist masters.

At the order of Gov. Greg Abbott, the modern-day Lone Star State equivalent of the Stasi stormed the campus of The University of Texas at Austin in an attempt to silence students and faculty members who are making their voices heard in opposition to Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Many members of the media are getting caught up in the crossfire, including a Fox News reporter and cameraman who you can see in the below video being dragged and tackled by Texas State Troopers in a violent assault.

(Related: Zionists are persecuting their enemies both in red and blue states, by the way.)

Zionists hate free speech

For all their talk about supporting the Constitution, right-wing Zionists like Abbott sure do hate the First Amendment, at least whenever someone exercises it in defiance of his personal beliefs.

This is common among Zionists both left and right, by the way. They hate when people are allowed to say things that upset them, so they come up with all kinds of excuses as to why their opposition’s free speech rights no longer apply.

Speaking up against genocide is covered by the Constitution, but America’s Zionist infiltrators disagree. And because they have law enforcement and the military at their disposal, Americans who refuse to tow the Zionist line are going to increasingly find themselves in the crosshairs of fascism.

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It is happening in New York by left-wing Zionists as well as in Texas by right-wing Zionists. One of the secrets of Zionism is that they play both sides, which Americans are now getting a taste of thanks to Israel’s maniacal actions in Gaza post-October 7.

“This is police brutality,” wrote someone on X about the contents of the above video footage. “They do this for Israel.”

“They arrested that guy for simply holding a camera,” wrote another about the sheer insanity of the needless violence being carried out by just-obeying-their-orders-like-Nazis Texas State Troopers.

In case you forgot why people are protesting in the first place, check out the below video showing a mother holding her injured children after Israel bombed near the family’s home in Rafah.

To the right-wing, Israel-supporting Christians who are still reading this, pay close attention to the innocent lives made in God’s image and ask yourselves: is Jewish supremacy and the violence that stems from it really aligned with the teachings of Jesus Christ whom you claim to serve?

“Are they being sent to the border? No. Is the First Amendment being violated? Yes,” wrote another on Twitter about the fascist tyranny being unleashed in Texas by Abbott.

Another exposed the sheer hypocrisy of Abbott who not that long ago boasted on X about how he “signed a law protecting free speech on college campuses.” The truth, of course, is that Abbott signed a “free speech” bill exclusively for the type of speech he likes.

Another wrote that the two-party system that dominates the U.S. “is just a two-way mirror.”

“None of these ‘public servants’ serve Americans anymore,” this person added. “AIPAC needs to go.”

Israel has something fierce coming its way. Find out more at Prophecy.news.

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