Did the Biden Regime Green-Light Arrest Warrants for Israeli Leaders, Including Netanyahu?

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If a Wednesday report in the Israeli media is accurate, this is one of the most, if not the most, craven betrayal of an ally in American history, and in the entire world’s history.


The Israeli journalist Amit Segal published a Hebrew-language story in the popular Israeli news outlet Mako that reveals an American betrayal of Israel of stupefying magnitude. “Very senior officials associated with the International Criminal Court in The Hague,” wrote Segal, “have spoken about Israel’s fear of arrest warrants for senior officials in the context of the war in Gaza. The officials told N12 [Mako’s broadcast channel] that the intention to issue such orders would not have been possible without American consent.”

The threat of arrest from the International Criminal Court is not hanging over the heads of minor officials only. “Last week,” Segal reports, “the Prime Minister’s Office held an urgent discussion on the issue, in which serious concerns were raised about allowing the issuance of arrest warrants against senior Israeli security and political leaders, including against Netanyahu himself.” This could all happen quickly: “Reports that have recently arrived in Jerusalem,” Segal continues, “indicate that the chance of issuing arrest warrants has increased dramatically, possibly as soon as next month.”

Segal noted that this was happening with American approval: “Regarding the intention to issue arrest warrants for senior Israelis, the sources at The Hague said that it is impossible that the chief prosecutor would have decided on such a dramatic step, in a war that is still ongoing, with very little evidence, if he had not at least had a ‘green light’ from the Americans. If this is true, this is another and unprecedented low in relations between Israel and the US, at a very sensitive time, on the eve of the ground entry to Rafah.”


Could this possibly be true? Segal is a bona fide reporter and Mako is a reliable news outlet, so there is no immediate indication that it isn’t. But would the U.S. stand by and allow the head of government of a key ally to be arrested on what will no doubt be bogus charges of “genocide”? Sure, if it’s Israel we’re talking about. When it comes to how the Biden regime and Israel, Segal’s report is altogether plausible. After all, the dementia-addled corruptocrat has called Netanyahu a “bad f**king guy.” The Biden regime, avid to placate its far-left and pro-jihad base in hopes of keeping Michigan voting Democrat in November, refused to stop a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, which would allow Hamas to survive and murder more Israeli civilians.

And so while it is horrifying that the Biden regime would treat an ally in this way, it is no great surprise.

What’s more, the groundwork for this fresh betrayal has been laid for a long time. According to his sources in the International Criminal Court, wrote Segal, “the chief prosecutor in The Hague, Karim Khan, was elected to his position three years ago with American assistance. After being elected, Khan closed two cases that greatly troubled the Americans: one related to undeclared detention cells related to Afghanistan in Europe, and the other also related to war crimes committed in Afghanistan.” It is thus exceedingly unlikely that Khan is going to regard any case that Israel makes favorably. And remember, he owes his position to Old Joe Biden and his handlers.


The Israeli government is doing all it can to head this off: “At the end of the discussion, a decision was made to try to take some last-minute urgent actions in front of the court in The Hague and in front of influential political parties, in order to prevent the issuance of the arrest warrants. Also in his meetings with the foreign ministers of Great Britain and Germany in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Netanyahu asked for their assistance in the issue before the court.”

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That may work. Whether or not these arrest warrants are issued, however, this is yet another black day for U.S./Israel relations. Consider, by way of comparison, the fact that the U.S. has never green-lighted International Criminal Court arrest warrants for the Ayatollah Khamenei or other key members of Iran’s Islamic regime, despite that regime’s vicious repression of its own people. Instead, Old Joe sent the mullahs ten billion dollars, thereby becoming a chief financier of Hamas (which Iran bankrolls) while continuing to claim that his support for Israel was “ironclad.” Nor has the U.S. green-lighted any arrest warrants for Kim Jong Un, or Syria’s Bashar Assad, or any other repressive dictator. In its recent human rights report, the State Department treated Israel as if it were a human rights abuser on par with Iran and Afghanistan.


It’s easy to see where this is tending. If the Biden regime gets four more years, the U.S. will turn against Israel entirely, isolating the Jewish state on the world stage as it faces a threat to its very survival. If jihadis succeed in destroying Israel and turn against America with new energy and enthusiasm, will any of the leftist policy wonks ever have a tinge of regret for how they destroyed the U.S./Israeli alliance? Not on your life. They’ll still be congratulating themselves for standing for a “Free Palestine” even if ululations of “Allahu akbar” are the last thing they hear in their final agonizing moments.

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