‘I’m the victim’:Real-life ‘Baby Reindeer’ woman says she has received death threats following the show’s release

“Baby Reindeer” has quickly become one of the most popular shows currently streaming on Netflix.

Deadline Hollywood reported that the show has been watched 13 million times since its initial launch earlier this month. It currently sits in the top streaming spot in more than 30 countries around the world, including the U.S. and U.K.

But it appears that some viewers have taken it upon themselves to find out who the fictional characters in the show are based on.

Richard Gadd — who wrote the show that is based on his own experience of being stalked and also stars as the protagonist named “Donny” — has suggested viewers not to try to work out who the characters are based on.

The real-life woman portrayed as the stalker in the show has come out and said she has received death threats since the show appeared on the streaming service.

The real-life woman, who sat down for an interview with the Daily Mail, did not reveal her true identity. She said the show amounted to Gadd “bullying an older woman for fame and fortune.”

“He’s using ‘Baby Reindeer’ to stalk me now. I’m the victim. He’s written a bloody show about me.”

The woman, who has denied being Gadd’s stalker, has accused him of “main character syndrome,” going on to say that there were important elements of the drama that were not true.

“He always thinks he’s at the centre of things. I’m not writing shows about him or promoting them in the media, am I? If he wanted me to be properly anonymous, he could have done so. Gadd should leave me alone,” the woman said.

“I’ve never owned a toy baby reindeer and I wouldn’t have had any conversation with Richard Gadd about a childhood toy either.”

The report stated the following:

Gadd has revealed that, over four and a half years a decade ago, he received 41,071 emails, 744 tweets, letters totalling 106 pages and 350 hours of voicemail messages from an older woman, played by Jessica Gunning in the hit show.

The unidentified woman said: “She sort of looks like me after I put on four stone during lockdown but I’m not actually unattractive.”

Gadd conceded that the show could provoke his stalker, but he noted that it was a risk worth taking to shed a light on the reality of stalking.

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