One Tough Grandma: New Mexico Woman Watching Taylor Swift Movie with Grandchild Gives Career Criminal a Painful Lesson When He Breaks into Her Home (AUDIO)

Credit: Daily Mail

A New Mexico grandmother is speaking out after audio has emerged showing the moment she gave a career criminal a painful lesson for breaking into her home.

As KRQE reported Thursday, 45-year-old Albuquerque resident Anissa Tinnin was enjoying the evening watching the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie with her 4-year-old granddaughter last month when she came face to face with a career criminal, who was identified as 32-year-old Joseph Rivera, running away from police.

“We had our popcorn and M&M’s, dancing and singing along, when our lives were about to suddenly change,” she wrote on Facebook.

Anissa Tinnin speaks to KRQE about her ordeal.

Tinnen managed to chase Rivera away from her residence at first, but he broke in a second time and threatened to harm her and her granddaughter.

“I jumped over this couch, and we met there by the front door. That’s when he grabbed me and was upset and said to give him my keys. He said he didn’t want to go to jail. He did threaten to hurt my granddaughter and me,” Tinnin told KRQE.

Tinnin said she tried to obtain more information from the suspect, but he had no interest in the conversation. She then looked for her keys as she dialed 911.

Rivera then grabbed her key fob and attempted to break into her car. He then made his way back toward the house after failing to do so.

KRQE obtained the audio of the 911 call, which they played during their interview with Tinnin. During the call, Tinnin reveals to the dispatcher that the thug broke into her house and tried to take her car. She begs for assistance.

Listen and watch:

Tinnin (crying on the phone): “This guy came into my house and tried to take my car. Please help me.”

She then turns to her sobbing granddaughter and tells her to be “brave” and to stay in the bedroom.

Tinnin: “I need you to be really brave right now. I got to go. Stay right here in the bedroom.”

“It’s okay, baby.” “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Tinnin next grabbed her gun to check if the suspect had left, but he hadn’t yet. Rivera can be heard banging on the door before kicking it in.

She shoots him after an initial warning, leaving him shocked.

Tinnin: “Get back. Get back. I have a gun. Get back. Get back. I will f**king shoot you.”


Dispatcher: “What did you do?”

Rivera: “Why did you shoot me?”

Tinnin: “Because you’re in my f****** house!”

The grandmother then renders aid to the wounded thug but warns him that if he tries anything sinister, she will shoot him again.

Tinnin: “I will give you water, but if you f**king hurt me, I’m going to shoot you again.”

Tinnin then begs the dispatcher for help and demands to know why the police have not arrived yet.

Tinnin: “This is not happening… where are the police?”

A few minutes later, the police finally arrived to drag Rivera out of the house.

Following the incident, Rivera was charged with burglary, attempting to commit a felony, and auto theft. He previously had five previous felony convictions for other burglaries and auto thefts.

Joseph Rivera Credit: KRQE

Tinnin told KRQE that she wanted the district attorney to throw the book at Rivera. “I would like for him to be held to the fullest extent,” she said. “I absolutely do not want the District Attorney’s Office giving him a plea deal. He belongs in jail.”

Tinnin also told the outlet she felt God helped protect her family throughout the ordeal.

“I do believe we had a guardian angel here with us, and I do firmly believe that God was watching over us,” said Tinnin.

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