Iranian Arrested in UK for Calling Hamas ‘Terrorist’ Praises Israel, Jews

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An Iranian man recently arrested by UK police for going to an anti-Israel protest with a sign correctly identifying Hamas as terrorists is not daunted by wrongful arrest. He once again took to the streets of London to express his public support for Israel and his encouragement to Jewish people to be proud of their religion and nation.


Niyak Ghorbani, a pro-freedom, pro-Israel Iranian living in the UK, is one of many Iranians who have taken personal risks to speak out for liberty and against Islamic extremism. In contrast to U.S. college students and UK activists marching in support of Palestinian jihadis, Ghorbani and others have praised Israel and condemned Hamas. “We stand with you…against terrorism around the world,” Ghorbani said in a clip shared on Twitter/X, as he addressed Israelis in London over the weekend.

In slightly broken English, Ghorbani sent a strong message against both Hamas terrorists and the Iranian regime that supports them. “Islamic Republic of Iran [was] founded and, you know, made our country break and your country in danger always,” Ghorbani said to the Israelis. “We Iranians stand with you even [if] all nations around the world [are] against you. You are not alone,” he added to applause.

Ghorbani then chanted the Israeli slogan used in demanding that Hamas release the more than 130 hostages the jihadis still hold in captivity: “Bring Them Home.” After he and the crowd chanted together, Ghorbani shouted, “Never [be] shy, never, never shy to say the truth, never [be] shy to say you are Jewish, you should be proud of your nation.”


He then mentioned the Israel Defense Forces (IDF): “You should be proud of your army, IDF, you should be proud of them, and you should be saying to all your friends here around you, you should be tell[ing] them the truth.” Hamas and their sympathizers try to drown out the truth with propaganda. As Ghorbani said, “[T]he Palestinian propaganda, always they try to lie about you, when you keep silent, [if] you didn’t tell the truth, they think they are right — really, they lie, and enjoy what they lie, and you know, if you keep silent, they are feeling they are right.” Ghorbani ended to cheers, “You should always [be] proud of your nation and your army.”

Freedom-loving Iranians are among Israel’s greatest supporters because they know what it’s like to fight a terrorist regime — the Islamic Republic dictatorship — and without much sympathy from the Western democracies that should be their supporters. Ghorbani had come to a pro-Gaza protest earlier this month with a sign stating the obvious: Hamas is a terrorist organization. 

Unfortunately for him, the police surrounded him and ultimately not only harassed him but arrested him, though the police later admitted the arrest was a mistake. Ghorbani has reportedly been arrested at protests more than once and even assaulted by anti-Israel activists. None of that has deterred him.


Like the young Iranian woman who brilliantly eviscerated pro-Islamic Republic, pro-Hamas rhetoric in a recent viral video, Ghorbani stands with Israel and Jewish people all over the world. That’s exactly what Americans should be doing too, especially since the same radicals who want to destroy Israel also want to destroy America. Israelis are fighting both for their liberty and their survival, and every individual who values liberty and justice should be standing firmly behind them.

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