Standing strong: Israel’s defiance against global pressure

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President Joe Biden has reportedly warned Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. will not get involved in Israeli counter-attacks versus Iran, telling Netanyahu to just take “the win.”

Mark Levin
couldn’t disagree with the president more.

“The Israelis are not stupid. Take it as a victory that 300 missiles were shot at them without a response? Without a response? Seriously?” Levin says.

“No, they can’t let that go.”

“Besides, the United States coordinated with Iran through intermediaries. We know that from Jordan, we know it from Iraq, we know it from Turkey,” he continues.

Immediately after the attacks on Israel, a “chorus” of G7 countries all told the superpower not to go on the offense — which Levin finds “interesting.”

“It was all planned; it was all plotted,” he says.

Despite all the global pressure, Netanyahu is standing strong for his country.

“Netanyahu refuses to play along with what is a suicidal fiction,” Levin says. “The people who shot the missiles are still there, the missile facilities are still there, they’re advancing their missile systems with funding from the United States, and I don’t think they’re going to sit down for this. No way.”

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