‘Alligators are in the Rio Grande’: Texas Gov. Abbott warns would-be illegal aliens about risks of crossing border river

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott recently warned would-be illegal aliens who are considering crossing the Rio Grande to enter the United States unlawfully that the water is infested with alligators.

Abbott re-shared a video post on X that showed an alligator in the river near Eagle Pass, Texas. According to the post, the footage was captured by a local resident who came across the reptile while fishing one morning.

Independent journalist Auden B. Cabello noted that Border Patrol agents have also previously confirmed alligator sightings in the river.

Abbott wrote on Sunday in response to the video, “Alligators are in the Rio Grande. FYI there are warning signs posted in some sectors. Cross at your own risk.”

Last year, the governor shared a similar video of the creature lurking alongside a Texas National Guard boat before disappearing under the water.

“The Texas National Guard took this picture in the Rio Grande river near Eagle Pass,” Abbott said.

Abbott’s office issued a press release last week stating that its multi-agency Operation Lone Star effort is still working together to “fill the dangerous gaps” in the border wall, including installing concertina wire in El Paso.

Spc. Newman Gideon with the Texas National Guard stated, “My responsibility on the border is to provide security for the teams going in and clearing out brush to make way for more concertina wire.”

“If there’s a hole that’s already been cut, we are going to take pliers and wire cutters to repair and close that gap [illegal immigrants] created. It’s important that [the Texas National Guard] is here to stop migrants crossing into the United States,” he added.

Abbott recently shared a video showing the continued construction of the border wall in Zapata County.

“Texas won’t back down,” Abbott wrote on X. “We are using every tool available to secure the border in Biden’s absence.”

The state is also working to build the Forward Operating Base near Eagle Pass to provide housing to the thousands of Texas National Guard troops assisting with the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

So far, the governor’s Operation Lone Star has led to the apprehension of nearly 510,000 illegal migrants and the arrests of another roughly 42,100 criminals. Additionally, the operation has seized more than 476 million lethal doses of fentanyl.

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