Squatter stealing electricity from neighbor tells media she’s “blessed”

A Detroit-area woman was interviewed by FOX recently about her unusual living situation, which involves squatting in the rear building located on the property of someone else who lives in the front building. The woman squats the back property, meaning she does not pay for it, and when she was asked about this, she told the reporter that she is “blessed.”

Squatting is growing in popularity as society’s poorest, unable to afford decent housing, discover little-known laws that allow for abandoned properties to be occupied by non-owners after a certain period of time. Once inside, a squatter cannot legally be forced off the property.

Some people are concerned that illegal aliens are taking advantage of squatter laws, but in this case the woman is a local who says she is on a fixed income due to an unstated “disability.”

When asked by a FOX reporter about her unusual and somewhat bizarre living situation, the woman explained that she legally squatted the vacant building and has chosen to stay there, even though she is not helping to pay for any of the electricity she is using.

“If I left my house, say for a month and a half, do you think you would be entitled to move in there?” the reporter asks the woman.

“Well, it’s a lot of, um – I’m not the only one that’s squatting,” she responds. “It’s a lot of other people on the block, if you want to be technical, you know? And a lot of people encouraged me to do what I’m doing now.”

“But she wants her place back,” the reporter then says, referring to the property owner.

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“Yeah, but I have put a lot of work in here and I spent a lot of money,” the woman then responds. “I’m on a fixed income.”

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At least help pay the electricity bill

Since the unit the squatter lives in is a back building located on the same property as the building in which the owner lives, they both share the same electricity. However, the squatter is using the electricity without paying for it, as well as living inside the unit for free.

“My power is not legit,” the squatter admits when pressed by the reporter about stealing energy.

“I am … blessed,” she then hesitantly concludes.

The reporter, interested in knowing more about how the woman makes enough of a living to afford food and other necessities, then asked what income sources the woman has.

“I receive social security and disability,” she reveals.

“What’s your ailment?” the reporter ask.

“I’m not going to say,” she says with a smile.

Though there are legitimate squatting cases, hence why the laws exist in the first place, this case does not appear to be one of them. The squatter is basically stealing utilities while occupying a home that she did not purchase which despite allegedly making the unit nicer is not exactly in good form.

“That mentality is just incredible,” wrote one flabbergasted commenter in response to the above video.

“How is she any different than those maggot parasite congress-critters who just sold America a little more down the river?” wrote another.

As long as corrupt globalists are in charge, the only thing the average Americans has to look forward to is misery and death. Find out more at HomelessAgenda.com.

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