U.S. State Department’s Global Engagement Center was founded to counter foreign propaganda, but has since been turned against the American people by coordinating social media censorship

U.S. State Department’s Global Engagement Center was founded to counter foreign propaganda, but has since been turned against the American people by coordinating social media censorship

When it was first founded, the U.S. Department of State’s Global Engagement Center was committed, at least on paper, to countering foreign propaganda that put the American people at risk. Today it is turning against the American people by facilitating the spread of propaganda both foreign and domestic on social media.

The Global Engagement Center is actively involved in trying to force social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) to take action against users that tell too much truth online. The Twitter Files tell all about what happened to that platform at the behest of the State Department.

On its website, the Global Engagement Center still claims to be the leading U.S. entity trying to stop foreign adversaries from undermining U.S. interests using disinformation and propaganda. Why, then, does the agency continue to facilitate the spread of Zionist propaganda, Israel being a foreign adversary to the American people and their interests?

Perhaps more Americans need to contact James P. Rubin, the special envoy and coordinator of the Global Engagement Center, to ask him why his agency is doing the opposite of what it claims in its mission statement.

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A government of criminals

The release of the Twitter Files by X owner Elon Musk has shed a lot of light on what the U.S. government via the Global Engagement Center and other entities have been doing for years to end freedom of speech online, all under the guise of “guarding against foreign propaganda.”

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The 11th series of the Twitter Files revealed that one government agency asked then-Twitter to ban 250,000 accounts, many of them run by journalists and government officials who were saying and doing the “wrong” things on their accounts.

Journalist Matt Taibbi is credited with releasing the Twitter Files series that blew this all wide open. He focused heavily on how government officials embedded within Twitter as company employees were steering the conversation about sensitive topics like the laptop of Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son.

Hunter’s laptop was loaded with damning and incriminating information about his dad and other career criminals in politics who have been committing treason against the American people while enriching themselves and their Zionist masters with abandon.

Take back your country, America

All of this could be stopped if Americans stopped just obeying orders that are criminal or immoral. That would require having a backbone and a moral conscience, though: two things that are in very short supply these days.

It would also require more Americans coming to the realization that Team Red is really no better than Team Blue. Both wings are attached to the same bird, and the only way to get rid of the bird is to hop off entirely.

According to what Taibbi revealed, the snakes are everywhere and within every branch of government. They all work in tandem to accomplish the same sinister goals, attacking We the People sometimes from the left and other times from the right – a one-two punch to the gut, if you will.

This divide-and-conquer strategy works wonders to keep Americans enslaved and complacent, giving them just enough bread and circuses to avoid doing anything about the pot full of water all around them that is reaching a simmer.

Much of this was attempted during the Donald Trump years under his leadership, which resulted in more division between the two political parties rather than unification against their common enemy. This should tell you who Trump really is, by the way.

Remember back in November of 2020 when Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) made direct requests to Twitter to suspend certain accounts that were engaging in “alleged harassment from QAnon conspiracists?” This is how the powers that be behave whenever they are directly challenged in large numbers.

Many of those who fell for the Q stuff thought they were on the right track until they found themselves at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, betrayed by the very leader who told them to gather there in the first place. Many of them now sit in jail cells without due process, and Trump, the guy who led them there, is nowhere to be found.

This is not a bash-Trump type of thing any more than it is a bash-Biden type of thing. They all deserve bashing because not a single one of them is willing to tell the truth about who is really pulling their strings from behind the curtain – because to do so would be political and actual “suicide.”

We the People are trying to get the word out themselves but are running into serious roadblocks set up by the Global Engagement Center, which Taibbi referred to as “a fledgling analytic and intelligence arm of the State Department.”

The GEC did run into a few roadblocks of its own in trying to strongarm Twitter to do its bidding, though, which resulted in Facebook and Google unifying in opposition to GEC’s requested inclusion on all ‘industry calls’ between social media companies and Big Government. So perhaps there is still hope that these tyrants will push too far and sabotage their own devious plans in the end.

The worst offender as far as spreading propaganda goes is the U.S. government and its many Zionist proxies. Learn more at Propaganda.news.

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