WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Has a Meltdown After MSNBC Challenges Her Talking Points

When it comes to friendly territory for the Democrats, it doesn’t get any better than MSNBC. There’s a reason why we sometimes (or perhaps often) refer to it as MSDNC. Yet this overwhelmingly and unapologetically leftist network refused to let Nancy Pelosi get away with a long-debunked pro-Biden talking point.


During her interview with host Katy Tur, Pelosi launched into the tired old talking point that Joe Biden created millions and millions and millions of jobs, and that Donald Trump didn’t.

“But there are those who have real legitimate concerns about immigration, globalization, innovation, and what does that mean to their job and their family’s future? And we have to address those concerns. And Joe Biden is doing that,” Pelosi told Tur. “Created nine million jobs in his term in office. Donald Trump has the worst record of job loss of a president. So, we just have to make sure people know.”

“That was a global pandemic,” Tur responded. 

You could almost see the blood draining from Pelosi’s face. She hadn’t expected MSNBC of all places to point out this inconvenient fact about why so many jobs were lost in Trump’s last year in office and why Joe Biden’s job creation record is a mirage. 

Pelosi had no rebuttal for this fact. “He had the worst record of any president,” she reiterated with visible irritation. “We’ve had other concerns in our country. If you want to be an apologist for Donald Trump, that may be your role, but it ain’t mine.”

Tur couldn’t hide her amusement with this accusation, and you can actually see her struggling not to laugh. “I don’t think anybody can accuse me of that,” she replied.


Biden and his surrogates have often claimed he has a better economic record than any of his predecessors — as if the pandemic didn’t happen, the economy wasn’t shut down, and it wasn’t reopened as he was taking office. In January, Biden claimed to have created more jobs in 2021 than any president in history, crediting his American Rescue Plan.

“We added 6.4 million jobs last year. That’s the most jobs in any calendar year by any president in history,” Biden claimed. “How? The American Rescue Plan got the economy off its back and humming again — and 200 million vaccinations got Americans out of their homes and back to work.” But his economic “success” is a mirage that relies on the public conveniently forgetting that the pandemic ever happened or had any impact on the economy. 

Even the liberal media hasn’t been shy about fact-checking Biden on this issue. During his State of the Union address last month, Biden claimed to have created “15 million new jobs,” and CNN promptly pointed out this wasn’t exactly true. “Biden’s claim is correct: the US economy added about 14.8 million jobs between Biden’s first full month in office, February 2021, and January 2024, more jobs than were added in any previous four-year presidential term,” CNN began. “However, it’s important to note that Biden took office in an unusual pandemic context that makes meaningful comparison to other periods very difficult.”


Biden became president less than a year after the US economy had shed nearly 22 million jobs over two months, March 2020 and April 2020, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The jobs recovery then began immediately after that, under then-President Donald Trump, but there was still an unprecedented hole to fill when Biden took office.  

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Meanwhile, Newsweek predicted in January that “mass layoffs are in store for 2024, and it might end up affecting nearly half of companies.”

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