ABC Fires Veteran Meteorologist Who Had Been Banned from Studio


ABC News senior meteorologist Rob Marciano has been fired by the network, more than a year after he was banned from reporting inside the “Good Morning America” studio.

The ban came after Marciano allegedly his colleagues on the set feel uncomfortable — leaving him to report from outside of the show’s New York City headquarters.

Dylan Byers of Puck News reported on Tuesday afternoon that Marciano had been axed by the network.

“Multiple staffers had made complaints about Marciano’s behavior over the years and he was at least temporarily barred from main GMA set in NYC,” Byers wrote.

ABC News did not issue a public comment on the firing of the veteran weatherman. There were rumblings previously that Marciano displayed a temper that led to his ban from the “GMA” studio, according to Page Six.

He still worked inside the studio during weather reports for “World News Tonight” and last appeared on the network this past weekend.

Page Six reported in March that Marciano’s ban came as he was going through a divorce from his wife.

“He was found to have done something,” a person described as an ABC News insider told the outlet.

The person did not disclose what Marciano was alleged to have done, other than to call it “improper.”

“…[But] he was punished for it, and they still haven’t let him return,” the person said.

Another person close to the production of the show claimed Marciano was working through anger management issues when an incident with a female colleague escalated.

“There were times when [Marciano] was very cranky and angry,” the person claimed.

“He made people feel uncomfortable,” the source added. “There was a period where there were some issues, a number of alarming events.”

Marciano was reportedly supposed to serve out a short ban from the studio, but “GMA” executive producer Simone Swink reportedly declined to have him back.

The EP of the show reportedly likes a distraction-free environment.

Marciano confirmed to People magazine in July 2022 that he and his wife Eryn were divorcing after marrying in 2010.

“The last couple of years have been very difficult,” he said in a statement to the outlet. “I didn’t want this and tried to save the marriage, but we are sadly divorcing. My focus now is on my kids.”

Marciano joined ABC News in 2010.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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