CIA allegedly operating online Ukrainian anti-Trump “troll farms” to influence 2024 election

CIA allegedly operating online Ukrainian anti-Trump “troll farms” to influence 2024 election

Is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) working with Kiev to stop President Trump from winning reelection in 2024? The answer is maybe, according to new reports.

So-called “NAFO” accounts on X, which feature animated imagery of animals in profile photos, might not be real people, but rather accounts made by Ukrainian anti-Trump “troll farms” to try to deter voters from voting for the New York businessman in November.

NAFO accounts regularly post things like “Who thinks it’s time for Donald Trump to go to prison?” along with images showing his many felonies and the number of years he would have to serve in prison if prosecuted and convicted for all of them.

Former U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) is one known member of Congress who is part of the NAFO ruse. Kinzinger, as you may recall, embarrassingly fell for the “Ghost of Kiev” meme, believing it to be real. He also routinely spreads fake news in support of Ukraine.

According to a whistleblower who recently came forward, Kinzinger and other NAFO misfits are all part of a CIA owned-and-operated troll farm, the job of which is to control the outcome of the 2024 election.

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Ukraine, CIA rigging 2024 election

Andriy Yermak, the whistleblower in question who claims to be a former employee of one of the many alleged Kyiv-based “troll factories,” says Ukraine is leading the charge in rigging the outcome of the 2024 election in favor of Joe Biden.

There is said to be video evidence from inside one of the troll factories, as well as several photos, depicting how the scam works.

“Long story short, we were asked to do everything to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election,” Yermak says. “So basically, this topic was added to our main lines of work.”

“Since then, each of us had to post at least 3 to 5 posts daily posing as the Americas and Europeans, criticizing Donald Trump and praising Biden.”

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Yermak says CIA assets from the United States are also organizing entire lectures aimed at teaching Ukrainian trolls more about how American politics works, as well as inform them about the general American mindset towards social and political issues.

From there, the assets brainwash their Ukrainian troll targets into thinking that Biden is smart and experienced while Trump isn’t, and that Biden would never betray NATO’s partners like Trump would.

“Biden will not abandon Ukraine,” is a big one that Yermak says gets taught to the Ukrainian trolls. “Biden will protect democracy while Trump is Putin’s puppet.”

“I honestly tried to convince myself it’s okay since Biden is clearly a better option for Ukraine, but it was just too much for me,” Yermak says about what he endured. “One thing is to work for the best interests of my country, but interfering in U.S. politics is a whole other thing.”

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