Illegals Cause $560M+ Loss to Fla. Hospitals This Year

Illegal aliens’ healthcare has brought a massive financial loss to the Florida healthcare system so far in 2024, and guess who gets to pick up the tab — U.S. citizen taxpayers.


A Florida law (SB1718) now requires state hospitals to make unpaid care costs from illegal aliens public, revealing a staggering $566 million in these costs this year, Breitbart reported. That’s one category of illegal alien costs for one state in just a few months. Taxpayers in Florida and around the country have to pay billions of dollars in taxes for foreign lawbreakers, an unknown number of whom are violent criminals, none of whom should be here.

Breitbart provided some statistical context:

Manatee Memorial Hospital CEO Tom McDougal noted at a recent county meeting that the hospital received $2.7 million in funding from the county in 2023. However, the hospital spent $21.2 million in 2023 on uninsured care costs, predominantly to illegals, compared to $14.4 million in 2021, the Herald-Tribune reported on April 18…Florida is hardly the only state throwing millions in state funding at health care for illegals. In March 2023, Fox News reported that between December 2021 and November 2022, Yuma Regional Medical Center in Yuma, Arizona, had spent $26 million on migrants who did not pay for the services.


That has likely increased astronomically, as Arizona has been a hotspot of the border crisis in 2024. But every state is a border state now. Arizona, Florida, Texas, Virginia, California, Montana, New York — everywhere in the country illegals are coming and draining resources.

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Breitbart added a couple more state statistics and a federal statistic on illegal alien costs:

In January 2021, Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton estimated that the Lone Star State spent between $62-90 million per year to cover illegal aliens. Illinois reported an expenditure of $1.1 billion in 2022…Even as far back as 2018, the federal government was spending $18.5 billion to pay for hospitals and health care for illegal aliens…Early in 2023, the Federation for American Immigration Reform reported that illegal immigration was costing the nation’s hospital systems at least $23 billion annually — $8.2 billion of which is uncompensated medical care for illegal aliens.

The Biden administration is incentivizing illegals to come to America with taxpayer-funded freebies. According to Breitbart, Donald Trump blocked expenditures such as the above during his presidency, but the Biden administration of course reversed that common sense policy.


The illegal alien flood includes many criminals, gang members, potential terrorists, and foreign agents, but the Biden administration is happy to take money from citizens to reward these illegal migrants for their law-breaking actions. Of course, perhaps that’s because, thanks to another Biden action, illegals are counted in the Census and could permanently rig the Electoral College and Congress in favor of Democrats. Democrats don’t care how much Americans suffer as long as they achieve their own selfish goals.

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